The Drugs Paradise is getting unfolded in coastal belts of Goa

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Although police claim that there are no drug peddling activities in Goa, but the truth seems to be just the opposite. As the season is about to begin in northern coastal belts from Anjuna to Arambol, it is already showing the indications of drug peddling in the trance parties which are about to begin somewhere in the next week. According to the news published by the local daily, the trance parties in north Goa are prepared to serve the drugs in the form of small pieces of blotting papers having the dose of LSD-soaked into it. The papers are having different images printed on it which gives them the code name, the LSD papers have the image of smiling Dalai Lama and hence it is known as ‘Dalai Lama’.

The sources have also revealed that the cost of an LSD double dose is around 1,500 per shot and it is the latest arrival in Goa. According to sources, the parties are about to begin in the north Goa coastal belt and the first full moon party is scheduled to take place on 27th October.

The sources have informed that most of the party goers prefer to take the double dose of so-called ‘Dalai Lama’ that is also known as “Dalai Lama Trips”. The meaning of double dose is the spread of LSD on blotting paper that is 500 microns, the single dose is 250 microns and anything less than 250 microns is known as “mild trip”. The seasoned party goers prefer to take multiple shots of “Dalai Lama Trips” to enhance their spiritual experience said the sources.

The designer drugs, as they are known, is available in Goa, usually sourced from the illegitimate resources, which are manufactured in the infamous laboratories in the golden triangle in Southeast Asia which comprises of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. The sources said that it is not the only LSD, which is available under the banner of designer drugs, but there are other drugs which have made their way into Goa are Ecstasy, MDMA and Cocaine, both synthetic and organic.


The sources revealed that last year LSD was introduced as “Sunrise” which had an image of the rising sun on the containing paper; the same is still available along with the earlier bestseller LSD “Gorbachev” propagating the Russian image. It seems that the “Gorbachev Hits” are still famous with the Russian narco tourist coming to Goa. Similarity the new varieties if Ecstasy, which is similar to the bestselling ‘Mercedes’ is also available for the new season. MMDA drug which is also famous as ‘Meow Meow’ seems to be very popular in the party goers circle, although the sources have said that it has a serious side effect on consumers.

According to the sources, since the origins of the drugs are illegitimate, there is no quality standard available for the designer drugs and it cannot be considered as safe for consumption. There are chances of fatality in consuming of such drugs. The sources have also made the shocking revelation that all the parties are taking place in Pernem coastal belts which are the constituency of the chief minister, but when the media tried to find out from the North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar, he denied having knowledge about such activities and availability of new drugs in Goa market.

The above case is the typical example of the ‘cat drinking milk with eyes closed’ if lawmakers do not aware of the irregularities then who will? There are cases of instant deaths occurring in the parties. In 2009, a 23-year-old girl from Bangalore, died in Sunburn music festival, with the suspected drug overdose. In another case, the 22-year-old student from Bangalore who were the native of Kerala died due to a suspected overdose of drugs While attending the night party at Vagator. There is another case which occurred in 2014 in which a 23-year-old Kerala tourist died due to a drug overdose while partying at Shiva Valley in Anjuna. These are just a few examples of deaths that took place in Goa due to the drug overdose. There are many more. But still our lawmakers do not have any clue about it? It is considered that the police have a very strong intelligence system in place, but still they claim no clues? Where our state is heading for? When will this drug menace end in Goa? Please do not forget to leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

Sources: Various Sources

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