Flesh Trade is booming in a very organized way in Goa

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The news of High profile sex racket involving the film actress from south India and a gang rape of two Delhi based girls who later divulged to be escorts from Delhi, had shook the state of Goa. The Gang rape story came into the light after the complaint lodged by the taxi driver from Anjuna, describing the abduction and rape of two Delhi Escorts by 5 accused on Monday last week, while the high profile sex racket came into light due to the complaint lodged by the Mumbai based unknown person which led to planting a decoy by police.

These two incidents have proved that the sex rackets in Goa is operating in very organized manner which includes the illegal massage parlors, escorts services, human trafficking and drug peddling. Though police kept raiding the places they suspect time to time but the culprits always manage to escape taking the refuge of legal ambiguity.

Let’s take a look at the case of a Spa in north Goa (name not disclosed) next to the “Bob’s Inn” on the fort aguada road in Candolim. Everyday especially in the evenings you can witness the male tourists filled in the jeep hang around at this spa for the sexual services. According to the sources this spa is operated by a lady called Maria Mishra who also operates 3 more SPAS in north Goa. Police have raided this place on several occasions and rescued the minor girls and closed the SPA, but the owner approached the high court and was allowed to reopen the spa since the police and politicians were hand in gloves with the owners, who made the case weak. (Source: The Goan)

Another highly sophisticated and well organized flesh trade which is booming in Goa called “Escorts Services”, just a click of a button on google can present to you more than 3 lacs results of Escorts Services in Goa. We have browsed few sites to check the facts and found out that the sites are made on very professional level displaying the available services and rate card which ranges from 10000INR for an hour while 30000INR for the full night.


The height of capriciousness is that after knowing the facts nothing is done by the police or government to eliminate these activities in the state. The police and government wakes up only when some adverse event takes place, the recent example is the gang rape of two Delhi based Escorts in Goa, which was the outcome of the cheating in Escorts Business by the Pimp. This is an indicator of an illegal activity which is booming in the state through the blessings of politicians and police.

Rajesh Ghadge

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