Madikeri is a beautiful hill station located in Coorg district of Karnataka. It was named as Scotland of India by British due to its climate and scenic beauty. It is perfect place for a weekend escape in summers. Coffee plantations, narrow curvy ghats, calm and quiet town surrounded by mountains has much to offer. Hills around covered in fog early morning and cool wind blows will surely make you forget the summer season. It is also the birthplace of river Cauvery (Kaveri). Madikeri was earlier known as “Muddu Raja Keri” which means Mudduraja’s town, it was named after the king of Coorg. Madikeri is the district headquarters of Coorg situated at an elevation of 1525m. Coorg was mot ruled entirely by any one dynasty, several dynasties ruled only a part at different times.

tibetian temple

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Places to Visit[/su_highlight]

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Madikeri Fort: [/su_highlight]It was the first mud fort which was built in 17th century; it was later rebuilt by Tipu Sultan. Madikeri palace is located inside the fort. One can find two life size masonry elephants at the entrance. There is also a church present inside the for which is now converted to museum.


[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Raja’s Seat:[/su_highlight] A small square shaped pavilion surrounded by a beautiful garden. Raja of Coorg used to spend most of his evening sipping coffee from this point while enjoying spectacular range of mountains and sunset. Being the highest point of town provides fascinating view of paddy fields.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Raja’s Tomb: [/su_highlight]Gaddige or tombs of Virarajendra and Lingarajendra at Madikeri are one of the important monuments in Coorg. These are present on a hillock and provide an amazing view of the town. It is a perfect example of mixture of Islamic and Hindu architecture.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Omkareshwar Temple:[/su_highlight] It is present in the centre of town. It was built by the king to purify his sin of killing a Brahmin for his political ambitions. It has both Islamic and gothic style of architecture.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Abbey Falls: [/su_highlight]It is located between coffee plantations, spice estates and tall green trees and is around 8km from main town. Several streams join together and join the Kaveri river. Water cascades on a huge rock wall and mellows down in a calm pool. Hanging bridge offers a good view of falls. One has to take care of leeches over here as dense plantation makes it easier to crawl on humans.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Tibetian Golden Temple:[/su_highlight] Another attraction is the Mini Tibet located around 40 km from Madikeri town.The Golden Temple is an unexpected attraction of Coorg, but one that’s definitely worth seeing. The monastery is home to hundreds of monks, with the Tibetan settlement apparently being the second largest in India. The area is full of culture. There’s a small shopping centre selling colorful Tibetan products as well.

Apart from all of the above places tourist can sip filter coffee and enjoy the landscapes around. You can also take home the best coffee, honey and spices.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Climate: [/su_highlight]Temperature in summer is approximately 23-24 degree Celsius though it drops down after sunset. Do carry glares and hats while you are out visiting places during daytime. Wearing sunscreen is advisable. Carrying a jacket or keeping a shawl handy during night may help.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Transport and Distance:[/su_highlight]  the distance between Goa to Madikeri is around 480 kms. There are no direct flights or trains between to Madikeri.  Mysore and Mangalore are the nearest air/ rail options at 140 km away and are good alternatives to reach Madikeri from within Karnataka.

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