Belting out a Hit Number

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Starting this month Goa Prism presents our new Fashion & Lifestyle Column “DIVAnee” by TV anchor and performer Ruchika Davar. A self-proclaimed lifetime student of fashion, style and trend spotting- she has travelled across many countries and loves to collect everything fashionable from clothes, make-up, accessories, home accents- she likes to refer to her collection as her library because it’s as important to her as books are to academics. She has previously written columns for Delhi Midday & the Herald apart from presenting lifestyle and film related TV shows on many channels. This column is the space where she shares her style mantras and curates special trends from time to time especially for the Goan shopper.

I’m a firm believer in good, high quality accessories. I’m not very fussy about the outfit and I normally flip for the style rather than the brand, but with accessories the reverse is true. This is where I think, take stock and even plan in advance to buy an investment piece. And once you buy a good conversational item it’s really fun to plan your wardrobe around the accessory instead of planning your accessories around the garments. Try it, the reverse engineering really works. For example my super amazing, very versatile MOSCHINO belt, or my thin gold John Galliano Belt- I keep on planning new looks and garments i can pair these belts with and sometimes the results are quite stunning. Irrespective of your body shape and size- there is a belt out there for each one of us. But there are some sure-fire ways to rock a belt…

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