Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Have you thought of visiting a wildlife sanctuary? There is one close to Goa – Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. It could be a good excursion. With perfect weather in Mid November, neither too hot nor too cold it’s just the right time for a pleasure hunt. Dandeli is the ideal vacation resort for those who are in love with nature. Being a heady mix of nature, adventure and wildlife, this city in Uttar Kannada district of South India is growing in stature as the place to be. Dandeli is approximately 125 Km from Goa and is well connected with the other parts of the country. With driving time of five hours, the best route to take is Ponda – Londa – Dandeli. The city is located along the banks of the Kali River with the Western Ghats as a backdrop. The location is surrounded by thick deciduous forests, which is one of the richest wildlife habitats in the world. Once there check out the tree houses, pretty expensive but worth staying at least a night. Amazingly, there is a bath tub in this tree house. Dandeli has cultivated a reputation of offering you some unforgettable moments in the midst of nature. It is so much more than the sundry outings and picnics. The region offers you the best of adventure sports, eco-tourism and pilgrimage


Water sports has always been the key attraction of this place; Kali River rafting, white water rafting in Kali river, kayaking and canoeing and if that’s not enough, overnight rafting or canoeing trips are available. Treks, cycling and mountain biking are some other adventure sports you just can’t miss. Dandeli is a welcome break from the monotony of regular vacation trips. The rich diversity of plant and animal life as the colours, scents and textures of this extraordinary landscape envelope you. If you want to unravel the mystery of natural world, the picturesque city will pleasantly surprise you with its versatility. Dandeli has so many attractions up its sleeve that you will find it simply irresistible.

Wildlife enthusiasts will find Dandeli quite appealing and ultimately fall in love with its abundant wildlife diversity. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offers you the rare glimpse of the Black Panther. Other inhabitants of this sanctuary include the sambhar, bison and the Malabar giant squirrel. Don’t be surprised if you see giant iguana, king cobra and tiger in the dense forests surrounding Dandeli. They can be seen in large numbers in this region.


Traveling in safety with experienced guides brings on an exciting new experience. Jeep safaris into the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary open nature before you. Another star attraction of the Dandeli wildlife is the Hornbill. The Great Indian Hornbill and the Malabar Pied Hornbill are an integral part of this resourceful wildlife.

With a cocktail of White water rafting, Rappelling, Adventure trekking, Natural Jacuzzi in rapids, Bird Watching, Jungle Safaris in open jeeps, Kayaking, Canyoning, Moonlight Boat ride, River Side Fishing, Overnight Camping, Croc Trek, Nature Walks, Outdoor camping, River Island visit, Dandeli is one fantastic visit. But for an unadventurous this place is definitely a no – no.

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