Due to the rampant developments migration takes place, and that results in the increase in demand of rented places in the state. Most the Goans have several tenants staying in their properties, and for many, this is, one of the major sources of income. The dispute over non-payment of rent is not new but here, in this case, the landlord had killed the tenant over not payment of rent for two months…

This can be considered as one of the most unusual cases wherein the dispute of rent payment turned into the murder of tenant. The police sources said that the murder took place on Thursday night over the dispute of the rental amount of Rs. 3000.

According to the sources, Vinay Ratnakar Raikar, 28, the resident of Ponda had entered into the argument with one of their tenants over the non-payment of rent for the period of two months. The victim Vijay Harijan, 35, was staying at his place on rent with his wife and two kids.

The wife of the deceased told the police that accused had threatened her husband twice before on the issue of rent payment. “We are staying here for the last five months and we owe the landlord rent for two months. The accused came asking for the rent and my husband assure him the payment of the dues by Wednesday, but due to some reasons he could not manage to arrange the entire cash, and the accused became wild and killed my husband,” said the wife of deceased.

The PI of Ponda police station told the media that dispute erupted at the resident of Supriya Raikar over the issue of non-payment of rent by one of her tenants. Son of Supriya, Vinay Raikar, 28 entered into the physical scuffle with the tenant and assaulted him which resulted in the serious injuries to tenant Vijay Harijan, 35. “The victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition, where the doctors declared him dead on arrival,” said the police inspector of Ponda.


The Ponda police had resisted the case of murder against Vinay Raikar and sent him into the police custody. “The reason behind the assault is the not payment of rent,” said the police officer.                       


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