If you are Idea, Airtel or Vodafone users, and Planning to buy new iPhone, read this

If you are residing in India and planning buy the newly launched iPhones with one of the following services then you must read this article before you make up your mind. Most of the Indians use either of these following networks, Idea is the number one followed by Vodafone and Airtel, and hence this article is more relevant to our country. Buying New iPhone will come with the strings attached, no matter what service provider you use in India. Let us take a look at the following facts before you shell out a minimum of one hundred thousand rupees from your pocket for the new iPhone. 

According to the reports published by the Gadgets Now, while the newly launched iPhones are coming with the dual sim facility there is a twist in it and it won’t be as simple as any other Android phones where you just insert two sims into the tray switch on the phone. According to them, the iOS device will have only one try for the primary SIM while the second SIM will come as E-SIM as announced by Tim Cook in his release notes during the unwilling of the new range of iPhones.

The reports say that the dual-SIM facility in the new iPhones is not the regular that we use in Android phones. The Apple has given a twist to the regular dual-SIM card slot by adding the eSIM feature. The new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max come with one regular nano-SIM card slot. To enable another SIM connectivity on these phones, users will have to opt for an electronic SIM or eSIM from their telecom operator.

It means that the second sim in the new iPhones will be entirely service operator dependent, and according to the sources, in India, only Reliance JIO is providing this service for Free and that too in their pre and postpaid connections. The Airtel who is also having this facility, but it is only meant for the postpaid users, which is getting absolute with the time.          

In India currently, only Airtel and Reliance Jio offer the eSIM facility. The country’s largest telecom operator, Vodafone-Idea is still not supporting the eSIM feature in the country. The list of operators shared by Apple supporting eSIM feature in India during the launch event too had only these two operators from India.

According to the reports COAI’s 2017-18 in India around 94% users use pre-paid mobile services and that means the Airtel now wants to make use of the opportunity by getting more postpaid users with the help of new iPhone devices coming down to India by end of this month.   

The users who already have the Airtel and Vodafone connection can also opt to convert the regular SIM number into eSIM. For example, if they have Airtel postpaid and a Vodafone SIM, they can convert the Airtel number into eSIM to use it as the secondary number on the new iPhones while inserting the physical SIM of Vodafone in the device.

Another thing that is good in India at the moment, is that the service providers like Reliance JIO and Airtel are presently giving the E-sim for free, while in the other countries the users have to pay additional $10 every month to have the e-sim in the device. The report further says that there is no clue till when this free offer is going to remain in India, but once it is revoked the users will have to get ready to shell out around 1000 rupees extra per month for the e-sim facility, that means the new iPhones are really coming with the strings attached.

Interestingly, the iPhone makers, the Cupertino based company have decided to provide the dual sim tray in their devices only for the China Market exclusively, and the reason behind that could be the huge population who uses the iPhone and China being the biggest manufacturers of the iPhones.

According to the sources, as of now, there are the only 10 countries worldwide where e-SIMs work. Also, Apple will provide eSIM support through a software update to only these 10 countries initially–Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and India.

So, guys, you need to think twice before you really plan to buy the iPhones with the dual sim capability as you may start migrating to another operator and also be ready to pay the premium for the new facility in the due course of time. Please do not forget to share your views on this news article.         

Source: Gadgets Now

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