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Top iOS 15 Features, Tips and Tricks

The iOS 15 that is released for the iPhones and iPads is the major firmware release by the Apple and it has many added features
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Top iOS 15 Features, Tips and Tricks
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Finally Apple has released the latest version of their iOS 15 for the iPhones and iPads. This is a major updates and comes with lots of features and enhancements. Here we have compiled the top features, tips and tricks for you. 

The update that apple made announcement in its June WWDC event has finally rolled on the 24th September for all the eligible iPhones and iPads. 

Here Are The Top Features, Tips and Tricks

The new iOS 15 update contains several intriguing and complex features, some of which are described below.


FaceTime, Apple’s video-calling feature, is getting a lot of updates. FaceTime is getting Spatial Audio, which makes each participant’s audio contributions appear to emanate from the correct area on the screen. 

It’s also working on improving audio clarity with Voice Isolation, a mode that will use machine learning to locate and remove ambient noise – though you’ll have the option to choose Wide Spectrum audio instead, which will intentionally incorporate background noise.

Notification Bar 

iOS 15 will include a new managing tool in an attempt to reduce the endless notification bar that nearly always overwhelms users. Users can now use the Notification Summary function to check inconsequential alerts at certain periods during the day. 

The function is driven by on-device machine learning, which detects your phone’s usage patterns and determines which alerts should be included in the summary and when they should be delivered. Calls and texts that are not returned will not be included in this category.


SharePlay is an intriguing new feature that is linked to FaceTime but deserves to be discussed separately. It’s designed to use picture-in-picture to exit a FaceTime conversation, activate another app, and then have that app affect everyone on the call.

Music is the most obvious application. It will open the Music app without leaving the chat, choose a song, and have that music played for everyone. It can make a shared playlist and allow everyone to contribute songs to it.


The wallet is increasing its capabilities to include keys which match particularly useful for hotel keys and business keys) as well as a general-purpose identity card that Apple claims will be accepted in airports.


Improved panorama shooting mode on iPhone 12 and later: less geometric distortion in panoramic shots with elongated fields of view, noise, and banding reduction caused by changes in brightness and contrast when moving the camera from side to side, and a less blurry and clearer image even when capturing moving subjects within the panorama.


Siri now functions without an Internet connection, providing faster responses to the most common requests.

Finally, you can just say to Siri, “Hey Siri, share this with [name]” (or something similar like “send this to [name]”). Siri will use Messages to send the content on the screen to that person. 

Images, web pages, Apple Music or Podcasts, Apple News items, and Maps locations will all share the content they include (or a link to it). 

Siri will tell you that it can only send a screenshot for content it can’t share, but Siri will still take the screenshot and drop it in a Message to that individual.


Data about health can now be shared.The risk of falling has been determined using gyroscopic sensors that evaluate balance, stability, and coordination, and a new monitoring parameter called “Walking Steadiness” has been added. The trend analysis, which consists of horizontal lines that depict the long-term trend of several metrics, has been included.Lab Findings allows you to import test results from a healthcare provider into the Health app.


New #tags make it easier to categorize, organize, and find your notes. Smart Folders group notes based on tags to create smart folders. Ability to collaborate and share notes with other collaborators. The activity view displays a summary of the modifications made by other collaborators since your previous reading, as well as a day-by-day record of each collaborator’s activities. In the remarks, you can name @someone, who will be notified.


Several new features have been added to Apple Maps:

  • With the use of 3D modelling, more depth has been added to the driving maps, making it easier to read instructions when faced with roadways that travel over or under the one being driven on, such as buildings, bridges, and trees.
  • Increased mountain, desert, and woodland detail on a 3D globe with a new colors palette.
  • Increased traffic information, turn lanes, bike, bus, and taxi lanes, medians, and crosswalks are all examples of improvements.
  • On A12 or later handsets, augmented reality walking directions are available.
  • Place cards with a new look
  • Improved search filtering
  • Maps’ night mode now follows the OS’s night mode rather than activating it solely at night, and the colours have been improved.

There are several problems with iOS 15. 

When Apple releases a new iOS, we typically hear concerns about battery consumption, app crashes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection troubles, and other issues. As a result, it’s advisable waiting for any issues to be resolved before installing the most recent version.

Battery life problems

Shorter battery life after a large iOS upgrade is rather common, and it’s less of a bug than a temporary side effect of the change.

iTunes has stopped operating.

iTunes is unable to run for some iPhone users who have a PC due to missing files.

It is not possible to update iCloud+ storage.

Some users have reported having trouble upgrading their iCloud storage from the free 5GB to the most affordable premium plan.

Do Not Disturb is causing some confusion.

In iOS 15, Apple has expanded Do Not Disturb. The feature is now part of    the new Focus mode, which allows you to customize Do Not Disturb settings based on a variety of factors.


iOS 15’s user interface has been revamped and made more fluid, and the new operating system version contains a slew of new features and enhancements. This new operating system has been generating news since its debut. So, let us know which feature you prefer in the comments area.

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