Vasco Minor Girl Kidnapping Case Takes News Turn

The case of a kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl from Vasco Da Gama, that was registered at the Mormugao police station late Sunday evening, took a new turn today. A family at Sada approached the police and reported that their 15-year-old daughter had been kidnapped in a red car, as mentioned by her younger sister who had informed her parents. The sister who returned back home told the parents that it was the accused who told her to inform her parents that her sister was kidnapped.   

The incident occurred when the victim and her sister were walking by the Sada jail road at around 5:30 pm as it was the victims birthday and she was on her way to distribute sweets to her friends, when suddenly a car stopped by and pulled both of them into the car it is said that the accuse is known to the victim for the last six months and is a resident of the same locality, said DySP Sunita Sawant.

On Sunday evening the girl was spotted on a train proceeding towards Dharwad. Sources said that ‘nakabandis’ were put up everywhere including Cortalim junction. But after interrogating the younger sister, she admitted that her elder sister had met this boy on the road and spoke to him for a while but later she realized that her father on a previous occasion threatened her to not to communicate with the accused and that he would kill her if found otherwise. 

Following that incident, the accuse allegedly kidnapped both the sisters but later in the evening he dropped the younger one back home with the instruction she will tell her parents that her elder sister was kidnapped, added the police sources.

Meanwhile, DySP Sunita Sawant avoided making any conclusions on this case saying that she will have to speak with both the minors before coming to any conclusion. This is not the first case of a kidnapping, in fact, the friendship between the minors have been taken in a negative way by most of the parents and that leads to such instances. There is a need for counseling amongst the parents as well as the children to handle their relationship matters more maturely. What are your views on this news story? Please share your suggestions in the comments below.      

Source: TOI

Image: Jagrani

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