Here is something really great has been done by the ministry in the motor vehicles act which was lingering around for quite some time now. According to the new developments, the law is made very stringent for the violators and now the drunk driving will cost you Rs. 10,000 and in case death occurs in the accident the accused will be booked for Culpable Homicide. Besides the above giving vehicles to your minor kids will also land you in big trouble in the future. 

The new development may change the way people ride or drive on the roads. Earlier the law used to let go the offenders with minor punishments or a small amount of fine but now there will be no escape for the rule breakers. According to the sources, around 1.5 Lakh Indians have lost their lives due to the road accidents and to avoid any further loss of life the Cabinet has approved a new amendment to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016. The new changes made to the three-decade-old Act are stringent on several fronts, to ensure further safety for the citizens.

According to the new development, the patently on drunk driving has been raised fivefold and if the rash and negligent driving causes death of another person, the driver can be booked for culpable homicide (IPC Section 299) and under this the driver will not be allowed bail (non-bailable offence) with imprisonment up to 10 years.        


According to the sources, the new amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act will get the approval of the Cabinet by Friday. The Ministry of Road Transport has sought “appropriate action” from the Ministry of Home Affairs to hold such drivers responsible for culpable homicide under Section 299 of the Indian Penal Code. In the IPC, Section 299 states: “Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or with the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death, commits the offence of culpable homicide.”

The sources have also revealed that in case of accidents, such drivers will not be booked under provisions of negligence anymore but their action will be considered as pre-meditated commitment of crime and the punishable under relevant provisions of the IPC depending on the consequences of the accident will be applied on the driver with immediate police custody and no bail.     


  • In order to reduce the number of accidents on the roads and discourage the parents to handing over their vehicles to minors, the new amendment will cancel the registration of such vehicle met with accident driven by the minors and the parents will have to bear the fine of Rs. 25000/- with or without imprisonment up to three years.
  • The new amendment will also provide for the protective headgear for children above the age of 4 that means in case you are riding with the kids sitting pillion, It will be mandatory to have the kid wear headgear with a quality check.
  • Not wearing the helmet while riding will also attract more penalty which can get extended up to Rs. 1000 with the cancellation of the license for three months and the similar fine will applicable for jumping the red light and not securing the seat belt while driving.
  • Now the use of mobile phone while driving will cost you Rs. 5000 hence make sure that you don’t  answer the mobile calls while driving. 
  • There is a huge increase in the compensation amount in the new amendment. The Compensation to victims of road accidents under No-Fault Liability has been fixed at Rs 10 lakh in case of death and Rs 5 lakh in case of grievous hurt, up from earlier provisions of Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively while removing the Central government’s authority to prescribe the compensation.
  • The hit and run case will also be dealt with the iron hands and compensation will be Rs. 2 lakh in case of death and Rs. 50,000 in the case of injuries, besides the other punishments, will be applicable.   
  • There is a provision for the removal of the cap on third party liability of insurance firms. Based on this, The initial proposal was to limit the insurers’ liability to a maximum compensation payment of Rs 10 lakh in case of death and Rs 5 lakh for injury.   

While tightening rules related to traffic, an issue of driving licenses and vehicle registration has been linked to Aadhaar and vehicle registration by authorized automobile dealers. The Ministry declined to accept the Committee’s recommendation that this provision should be made optional to be decided by the states. The Centre will also set up a National Register for vehicles and driving licenses, issuing a unique registration number to weed out duplication. The Act also empowers the Centre to recall vehicles whose components or engine do not meet standards. A manufacturer can be penalized up to Rs 500 crore.



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