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Aryan Khan and Two Others Granted Bail By Bombay High Court In Cruise Drug Case

Finally the bail was granted to Aryan Khan and two others in the Cruise Drugs Case. Aryan will be home for SRK’s Birthday on 2nd
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Aryan Khan Gets Bail
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One of the most talked about bail matter in the media has finally come to an end following the main accused Aryan Khan, Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant granted bail by the Bombay High Court. All three of them will be able walk out of the locker only on Friday or Saturday said the lawyer of Aryan Mukul Rastogi. 

The argument that started 3 days ago has finally come to an end with the high granting the bail all the three accused in the Cruise Drug Case. The final written order in this matter will be out by tomorrow and based on that after completing the legal formalities, all the three accused will be allowed to come out of the jail. 

Meanwhile the former Member of Parliament, Majeed Memon of NCP party said that the Bail is a norm and it cannot be denied, otherwise, jails will get filled up with inmates. 

“Sameer Wankhede is wrong in saying that the state government is targeting him. Nawab Malik is making allegations in a personal capacity. It’s wrong to say the Maharashtra government is against him,” he added. 

The Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, who is representing the NCB argued in the Bombay High Court saying, “There are citations that under NDPS, bail is an exception. It is a heinous crime,” he said adding, they should not have done that colourful party at least on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. 

In his argument while opposing the bail to Aryan and two others argued that, the cruise was only for two days… Drugs could not have been for personal consumption…Aryan was aware of the drugs and it was for the consumption of both of them [Aryana and Arbaaz]…”

When the Justice Sambre asked the ASG Anil Singh as what are the basis of allegations that Aryan Khan was dealing with commercial quantity of the drugs, he said “I have entire record the WhatsApp chat…I can not share… I have a file…If you say, I can show it now.” To which the Justice Sambre said, “Yes, we can see att the end of argument. What is the basis for saying that Aryan has dealt with commercial quantity?”

While closing his argument the ASG Anil Singh said that his submissions are based on the three facts. First, Aryan Khan was found in conscious possession of the drugs. Two, he was connected with drug peddlers. And three, the arrest is valid.” “Conspiracy is difficult to prove. Only conspirators know how they have conspired,” he added. 

Aryan Khan’s Lawyer Mukul Rastogy argued in the response to the NCB’s argument stating that his clients, (Aryan & Arbaaz) were no in possession of drugs as claimed by NCB. We were together but I did not know what he was carrying.”

Replying to the conspiracy allegations levelled by the NCB, Aryan Khan’s Lawyer Mukul Rastogi said that there was no conspiracy of any kind, “What conspiracy? There have to be calls between them. Conspiracy is a meeting of minds. There has to be evidence.”

Aryan Khan’s lawyer also refuted the allegations of NCB about commercial quantity of drugs saying it is wrong in the part of NCB to put together all the drugs that was found on the cruise ship and call it a “Commercial Quantity”. 

Aryan Khan’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi argued in the Bombay High Court that it is a violation of constitutional rights to use retracted statements at the time of the bail hearing. ”How can it be that what cannot be used during the trial can be used to deny me bail right now?” he said.

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