Now Goa to Have Shacks in The Field with Micro Breweries to Serve Fresh Beer

It looks like in the near future tourists may not have to rush on the Goan beaches to find the shacks to have fish curry and beer as the new development may bring the shacks into the Goan fields, and that too with the Micro Breweries installed in it for serving the fresh beer. with this new idea more agricultural fields (Lands) will be covered with the shacks for the tourists.

According to the news published by the Times of India Stressing on the need to bring more land in the state under agricultural cover, deputy CM Vijai Sardesai on Wednesday disclosed his plan of introducing “a shack in the field” project on the lines of agro-tourism concept that will also serve fresh beer.

Sardesai was speaking to the reporters during the concluding session of the summer agriculture camp held at Fatorda.       

“Tourism made inroads in North Goa through agricultural land. So, if one needs to build a shack in the field, there has to be a field in existence first. If the agriculture department certifies the existence of a field, then we can give permission for setting up a shack there, which will be a temporary structure.”      


Sardesai Stating that he would introduce the first shack in the field in Fatorda by next year, and it would be done without taking any support from the government.    

“I intend to show the world that the women of Fatorda running self-help groups can have a shack in the middle of a field,” he said. “The shack will serve authentic Goan food… We will also set up a micro-brewery there to serve fresh beer to customers, ” he said adding that This will be done on an experimental basis.

It looks like in the future Goa Tourism may also tender the fields in Goa for setting up the shacks and this way more people will be able to set up the shacks in turn increasing the employment to many Goans. What are your views on this?? 

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