Naked Intruder Pikes Security Concern In Goan Homes

The recent case of a naked man breaking and entering into Homes in the A block of the posh housing complex in Dona Paula ‘Adwalpalkar Horizon’ is no funny or ordinary story. If a small scale pervert is able to engineer entry into homes through their hall and kitchen’s doors and windows, that too in a posh locality equipped with security guards, for almost three months straight, it raises a major question.

How safe are you in your home?

For those of you who aren’t aware of this crazy incident here is a brief.

For the past three months almost, a nearly nude man, clad only in his underwear, has been breaking into the Adwalpalkar Horizon apartments during late nights and watching women while they sleep. What is shocking is all the residents mentioned their doors and windows were locked from the inside. Those houses that had grilled windows were not broken into. Residents said the man, whom they described as very skinny of medium height, dark skin, with oil smeared all over his body, would break in around 3.30 – 4 am. This is known by the mysterious oil patches found in the houses in question, along with missing women’s undergarments and money. According to the reports, Rs. 20,000 was stolen from apartment 503, while Rs. 7000 was robbed from apartment 403 and 504. The most recent act of this naked man was reported on September 2! The couple living in apartment 205 there woke up in the middle of the night to find him in their bedroom, standing over them, watching them while they slept. When they chased him, he escaped from the hall window and disappeared. The police claim to have caught him now, and further investigations are on. 

Scared residents

On speaking amongst each other the building residents realised the intruder had broken into almost every house. “It is extremely scary that this psycho/pervert/thief is able to easily break into people’s houses and do whatever he wants because of the terrible security in the building.”

According to the reports, despite of the so called posh housing complex, there are no CCTV cameras installed in the Basement, Entry or any of the floors, and anyone can walk in or walk out from outside directly. “We have no evidence of this intruder physically harming anyone yet. However, there is no way to predict what might happen,” the complainant had said.

About time Security was given priority

We Goans are known to be sweet, hospitable and trusting. Our jovial and caring nature makes us least concerned about safety and precautions. We leave our house doors unlocked, windows aren’t grilled, compound walls are low, no CCTVs are installed in complex, and no security system for the house. But this is not a simple matter! Such lax security is of major concern. If a person is able to continue breaking and entering, and standing before the sleeping women without raising any alarm, it is dangerous. Anything untoward and unforeseen could happen. There is a need for taking serious cognisance of the same. There is a need for installation of CCTV cameras in the posh housing complexes where the upper middle class and business class people reside, but these people do not seem to be bothered about the same. How long will the people remain Penny Wise and Pound Foolish??

Generally, criminals tend to replicate previously occurred crimes, learning techniques from existing offenders. If an average man curious to just ‘watch’ women and commit petty cash theft is able to continue breaking and entering for 3 whole months, how hard do you think it is for master criminals? If such a case is occurring in a wealthy locality, then how hard do you think it is to enter into middle-class homes? If safety measures aren’t taken immediately, how safe and rest assured can you be?

Goa Prism would like to advise its readers to take required safety measures, as the precaution is better than cure.


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