Do men even know where an orgasm originates from? Asks Pooja Bhat

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That is very bold question perhaps anyone could have ever dared to ask. But Pooja is one of those people who could dare anything. Apparently this question is an outcome of the web series and the book she is about to unfold on female orgasm. The subject is never being handled seriously by anybody in India so far.

According to the news published in the Mid-Day 14 February edition, Pooja Bhat, Famous Bollywood actress-turned-producer-director who is in the process of launching 12 part web series and she is also planning to transcribe the book on women orgasm. She is apparently facing a big lined up series of questions from the time she has announced the web series on female orgasms. According to the sources, the major chunk of callers is women from all age groups and walks of life who are eagerly waiting to share their personal experience on “orgasm” story.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Pooja told the media that she had a chat with one Bohri lady who spoke to her about genital mutilation. “I will be going to meet her,” she said. Another confession of a mistress, “She feared of how he would withhold orgasm from her. I want to tell all these stories,” said Pooja who is in the midst of writing the series of titled Oh!

Ms. Bhat also recalls the reading of book ‘Breast Stories’ published by Mahasweta Devi. It is the collection of stories which deals with the female anatomy. According to Pooja, many have tried producing the so-called BOLD films. “I told them that their idea of bold is skewed. Showing the skin is not bold,” she said. According to Pooja ‘Jism’ was bold because it was the first time in the history of Indian cinema the women said that ‘Body does not know Love, It only knows the Lust. “That’s why it was groundbreaking. So 12 minutes, 12 orgasms,” she said.

Pooja is always been bold in all her movies, whether it is her own production or she worked for others. Her own productions like Jism, which was made in 2003, Paap made in 2003 and Jism 2 that was made in 2012. All the movies had hot leading ladies and bold scenes in it. “I find it hard to digest the fact that Indian women today are still not that invested in their orgasm. In India, the female orgasm is at elusive as the Yeti. We have been brainwashed into thinking that ‘bad girls have sex, good girls fall in love’. That’s hogwash and an attempt to control us,” She said.


According to Pooja, there is huge discrimination in the society towards the female sexuality. She feels that a man in our society still projects the women as the sexual vehicles. “If I work as hard as you, I am deserved to enjoy my orgasm too,” claimed a 43-year-old actress turned producer

According to Pooja, the women sexuality does not hold any value in India since it amounts to creating the insecurity in the average Indian Men. “Men do not like the competition and that’s why the virgin brides are in demand. No one wants to get compared with another man,” said Pooja.

According to Pooja, the filmmaker is riding high on the response. “This has never happened before!” yells Pooja. The first few episodes are directed by Pooja herself while she will employ other directors for the rest. Pooja feels that the films will be as sensual as her brand is but it won’t be embarrassing at all. “They will be the stories that resonate all over the subcontinent,” Pooja added.

Pooja says that she met some women in Burqas that are more progressive than we ever will be. “Being sexually progressive means knowing your own body. Knowing what you will do and what you won’t. I want these stories to be real and free of pretense.” Says Pooja. According to her, the book will come as the afterthought and it will be based on the real ideas of sexuality. “I will handpick the stories of women orgasms from all over the country. We need to make the word ‘orgasm’ as commonplace as the word…. butter or cow! It’s going to be magical.” Claims Pooja.

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