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The Cyclone ‘VARDAH’ that created devastation in Chennai Few Hours ago will be passing over South Goa on Wednesday December 14

The Cyclone Vardah which lashed out the coastal area of Chennai is supposed to hit South Goa by Wednesday, claimed the sources. The officials have
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The Cyclone Vardah which lashed out the coastal area of Chennai is supposed to hit South Goa by Wednesday, claimed the sources. The officials have confirmed the fact of Cyclone passing over South Goa in next 48 hours. The Cyclone Vardah hit Chennai coast at around afternoon today creating massive devastation in the capital city of Tamilnadu. The winds were flowing at the speed of 120 to 140 kmph bringing along the heavy rain that lashed the coast in Tamil Nadu and neighbors Andhra Pradesh all through Monday afternoon. More than 16,000 people have been evacuated from low areas and two people have died.

The sources have now revealed that same cyclone will be passing over south Goa on December 14 after fleeting over from Karnataka tomorrow. The sources have also said that before the Cyclone hits Goa, mild rain will start in the state from tomorrow which will the sign of upcoming Vardah cyclone. “The cyclone, which hit Tamil Nadu today, will reach Karnataka by tomorrow,” M.L. Sahu, Director of India Meteorological Department’s observatory in Goa, told the media adding that “The cyclone will pass through south of Goa on December 14, due to which the State will witness a rise in the temperature and also light rains for two days starting tomorrow,” the official said.           

The sources have also revealed that two people have been killed as heavy rains accompanied by high-velocity winds on Monday pounded Chennai and coastal districts of north Tamil Nadu due to the severe cyclonic storm . “Vardah”, which began making landfall there, uprooting hundreds of trees, disrupting land and air transport and throwing normal life out of gear.

The cyclone Vardah had virtually devastated Chennai with heavy rains clubbed with high-speed wind flow. According to the sources, the Vardah cyclone uprooted several hundreds of trees and electric poles in the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The speed of wind was so severe that, it blew off the glass panels facade of a five-star hotel in Chennai, while in Andhra Pradesh, an oil tanker tipped over on a highway. The Tamil Nadu government had to refrain the people from coming out of their houses till midnight. 

Although, no official emergency have been declared by the Government of Goa as yet in this regards, but the people from South Goa have been advised to stay away from the coastal area during the period cyclone suppose the hit south Goa. The cyclones normally have a severe impact on the coastal belt as the rains with high-velocity wind lashes out the coastal belt.


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