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Alternative Online Payment Methods

With the rise of internet technology, it became inevitable to give clients more options for online buying. Nowadays, online buying is not only a trend

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Alternative Online Payment Methods
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With the rise of internet technology, it became inevitable to give clients more options for online buying. Nowadays, online buying is not only a trend but a necessity in people’s everyday life. People no longer have the time to go shopping and spend hours trying clothes and finding what they need. Here the online shopping steps in, giving customers numerous shopping opportunities. In fact, online shopping gives buyers the possibility to shop effectively, fast, and get the most bang for their buck.

An online shopping spree requires clients to pay online. That’s why in recent years we have seen more and more payment options that online sites put at your disposal. Surely, PayPal has been playing for a long time the role of the most convenient online payment method. However, to make the shopping experience a pleasant one, there are numerous payment methods that you can choose from nowadays. Here is a list of the most popular online payment methods that you can use to pay on almost any online site.

Bank Transfer Sites

Bank Transfer is probably the most convenient online payment method for buyers. In fact, this method transfers the money directly from the client’s account to the seller’s account. Bank Transfers use credit transfers, wire-transfer, and gyro-payments to send money to the company’s bank account. The buyers make the initiative to transfer the money via the bank account. To initiate a payment, buyers need to consult with their banks first to inform them about their intent to pay online.

People can now also pay for online casino services using a bank transfer. There are many online casino sites that accept this payment method. Here is a list of bank transfer casino sites where you can find all information that you need about casino sites where you can easily pay for your services using a bank transfer method. Before paying online using this wire transfer method, it’s a wise idea to contact your bank about any future online payments with a bank transfer.


This payment method is especially useful for small business owners and freelancers. Their innovative invoicing tools and time-tracking method makes it a very convenient payment tool. Users can now accept online payments which are secured for only a 2.7% rate. Another advantage of this payment method is the digital wallet that makes it possible to send and receive money for little to no interest rate. E-bank is a new feature that Due puts at your disposal to store your money online.


In many ways, this payment method is similar to PayPal. It especially becomes evident in the way it transfers funds and regular bank transfers. Thanks to the Automated Clearance House, users can make their own payment solution where they can receive their money within one day. On top of that, all transactions made with Dwolla are free. Dwolla concentrates more on bank transfers thanks to its API. It is definitely a relatively new payment method to look for. 

Apple Pay

It’s time to consider Apple Pay as a payment method when you’re a merchant. Transactions using the Apple Pay payment method are more secure, faster, thanks to the touch ID confirmation technology that this payment method uses. Now, customers can use touch screen technology to make orders online. This payment method is relatively new but it definitely promises a lot. 

Online Payment Apple Pay

Apple is currently working on a P2P payment system. Their services are already adapted to the older machines that use the previous transfer system. You can use this payment method for your everyday transactions without ever thinking about the security of the system. Your transactions will be fast and secure. 

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