Paper bags for all needs

Paper bag is not very lucrative market due to its costing which is an undoubtedly higher then exiting plastic bag, as plastic is more flexible and can be used in both dry and wet environment while paper bag is less elastic and having limitation of its use. Besides that the bulk production of plastic cannot be matched by the paper bags.

Our idea of making paper bags is not to generate the business or accumulating high revenue at all, our mission is to create proper awareness in the society and we are successfully doing the same by creating awareness by conducting the paper bags making workshops in various parts of Goa. These workshops are targeted towards the generating employment in non working housewives at the same time creating the awareness in the society about the importance of paper bags.

For placing orders and samples of the bags please call on:

9823211925 (Rajesh)


9225903930 (Rajeshree)

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