Things you must know while on your vacation to Goa.

Goa is always portrayed as place of Sun Sea and Siesta, you will find this in most of the commercials either TV, Theater or Online. The reason behind this is the existing western influence on the people of Goa. You will find most of the tourist especially Indian travelers wearing western outfits which normally they may not wear in their respective states, again the point here is that once they come to Goa they feel to behave like Goans do,  It does not mean that all the people from Goa follow the western custom or culture, there are majority of people who do not belong to the western custom practices in Goa but that again is the issue of debate and there is no scope for any debate as far as this article is concerned, this article is written specifically for the people visiting Goa in Summer.

In this article I have tried to focus on the various aspects of the stay of the tourist in Goa in summer season as most of the people travelling to Goa come from dry climate (specially far from sea level, which makes climate less humid) and they surely feel the difference once they reach in Goa. It’s not only climate which effects the travelers but also the overall perspectives of the travelers of Goa, as what they think about this place, what image they are carrying while travelling to Goa and what are their expectations from Goa. In this series of articles which will be published in weekly basis in parts..So let’s go ahead check it out the first part of this article…..

summer vacation in goa

Dress Code


Change in the dress code is very much justified, as we all do when we travel to new places; it’s either due to its customs or climatic needs. For example if we travel to US or any other western country we are surely not going to wear dhoti and lungi (traditional dress code from some parts of India). In same way when we travel to Kashmir we are going to wear warmer clothes which will save us from severe cold.

While in Goa it is very much advisable to wear white cotton costumes to avoid the effects of hot sun and humid climate. For men wearing short Bermudas, white T shirt of Shirt would be very comfortable while for women Short jeans and white shirt could be very trendy and comfortable.  Please avoid wearing very tight and full length clothes as it could be very uncomfortable at times. It is up to the choice of each individual as there are various options available in Goa market check out for some of the close by outlets to find out what is available this summer.

eating out in goa

Stay & Eat

Stay is normally booked in advance as you make any travel plans unless you are bag-packer type who believed in to move out and get settled at the destination. The point here is if you are making travel plans to come to Goa and little bit confused as where to stay and what eating out options you will have in Goa then this part of the article will help you a lot.

Stay in Goa for summer season is very much easy to get even if you do not book well in advance, you can just check online few days before your plans and book your stay and if at all you are planning to get some good bargain then come to Goa and check out some options yourself this way you will be in position to get better place at much cheaper cost.

Try to stay close to sea shore in summer as most of the time you will be enjoying good bath in clean and blue sea of Goa and though it is very humid but cool breeze flowing over the sea will make you feel better. Try booking your rooms in place surrounded by lots of greenery and having cross ventilation structure, of course you have options of air conditioned place but that keeps you away from natural goodness of that place.

Most of the eat outs in Goa are most reasonably priced except some big brand names which people visit for the sake of reputation, but you can always try a small place (shack) around the corner which will provide you very good quality food at very reasonable rates.

spa in goa

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

While you are in Goa it’s very obvious that you are here to spend some quality time and relax your mind body and soul. There are various options of relaxation and rejuvenation whilst your stay in Goa. You can try visiting some of the good Spa to nearby you to give your body and mind a treat. There are options of Kerala Ayurvedic massages with healing treatment which is done under professional guidance of doctors, Wellness Spa with various body massages with body scrubs and foot therapy.

But beware of the touts who is moving around in the coastal area promising you of body massages which is giving services which are against the ethics of SPA culture. It’s your choice to decide what kind of services your are looking out for but if at all you fall prey to these touts the end will be very horrible as there are instances of people promising something very lucrative and rob the customers, so the choice is all yours. If you are really looking for some good professional services then best thing is to go for reputed and professionally manages setup with prior appointments, please check their respective websites, read their reviews and then decide.

Next edition of this article I will elaborate on some more topics on things you must know while your vacation in Goa. If you have any suggestions please leave your comments..

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