Man rapes five women after meeting them on dating website reports the Independent

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The social media and dating websites are catching up in western countries and India as well. The major reason behind the mushrooming of these websites is the hunger for an open relationship is growing in the society. The freedom of both the genders has allowed swelling this issue further, but in some cases like this man still try to show that he is not yet civilized completely.

According to the report published in The Independent UK edition, a man sexually assaulted five women after meeting them on UK’s foremost dating website, The accused Jason Lawrence, 50, has also been accused of attempting to rape the sixth woman and sexually assaulting the seventh.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The matter was heard by the Debry crown court according to which, the accused Lawrence had used two fake profiles with the titles ‘KeepItStraightToday’ and StraightMan-Looking” on the dating website and asked women to communicate with him via text or email. Prosecuting Shaun Smith QC said: “We suggest that’s because he was keen to engineer a situation where he persuaded women to make contact with him privately by phone or text message or email so he was not being watched by the website.”

According to the sources, is UK’s biggest dating website with more than 3 million users. Launched in the year 1995 it helped pioneer the online dating industry. Presently it serves 24 countries and territories and hosts Web sites in 15 different languages. creates romantic opportunities so singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the time, they have learned more and more about what people want and the tools they need to help take the lottery out of love. With more ways than ever to bring singles together, we’ve come a long way since 1995. According to the sources, is not easy to get along type of dating website at all. It has quite a stringent term of operation and also the privacy related issues.

Meanwhile coming back to the story, the reports says that Lawrence had allegedly raped one Woman at her residence in Buxton after they met online on in November 2013. He is been alleged to have forced himself on her despite her screaming and repeatedly saying ‘No, NO, No’. It is also been alleged that after the sexual assault he calmly got dressed and drove off, following to which he sent the text message to the victim saying that “I was disgusted with myself for hurting you. I am so sorry.”


Another case which is faces is alleged to have occurred when a Woman met Lawrence for a drink. They had apparently met on four occasions after connecting through the website. On one occasion when the woman drove to meet him, he drove her in his white van to a remote place where he managed to convince her to go into the back of the van where he had installed the Bunk beds. The court heard that the woman was initially reluctant but gradually agreed that “matters deteriorated very badly indeed.” The prosecutor told the court that, Lawrence insisted to her that she should go to the back of the van and lay on the bottom bed, apprehensive about her own safety, she followed his instructions. “He pulled the bed covers over her and removed her trousers. All that she remembers was it was pitch black. She was then raped by him. He raped her despite the fact that she was crying and asking him to stop.”

According to the sources, after the disclosure of two rape cases, the investigation agencies found out more disturbing facts from Although Lawrence had denied all the charges framed against him, the trial is going on in all the seven cases filed against the accused.

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