The beginning of April is typically the end of season in Goa, but it is not the truth anymore as Goa tourism is announced the Goa is the destination 365 days of season the main reason behind this is to prepare people to gear up even after the April as local tourist from all over the India come to Goa from April till September this mainly consists of honeymoon couples and business groups.The foreign tourist comes to Goa mainly from October to February and goes back by the beginning of the April and by and large the time after that is considered as off season or End of Season. Our story is all about the beginning of the new season at the End of Season. You can witness the transformation of crowd on the road, on all beaches, every pub and restaurant, every disco & casinos will be full with Indian tourist, very few foreigners will be around those who either stay here for business or the ones who came on some off-season package from their native places.

Most of Indians do not prefer to come to Goa during the season time due to various reasons Mr. Punit Anand from Chandigarh states that “During the season Goa has more of international crowd and the hoteliers and other service providers do not care much about the Indian crowd, the prices are sored up due to the foreign currency that is why we prefer to come in off-season to Goa” One more person from Hyderabad Mr. Handa has opinion that “although I come many a time in season but I still feel more comfortable in off-season due to the offers and schemes provided by the hoteliers” Ms. Lathika from chinnai prefer coming to Goa in off-season because of the food rates and other services are having lots of discounts and offers in off-season in Goa. Normally during the off-season most shacks hotels and discos shut down, and re-open for the season. But recent years have seen these places open throughout the year to cater to the tourists who now visit all year round.


Off-season is the best time to visit Goa as it’s the monsoons, and everything is green and fresh. You get to see Goa in all her splendor, gushing waterfalls, serene and verdant landscapes. It’s also the best time to get some discounts on your stay. Hotels generally have special off-season prices, and traveling around is also cheaper because fewer people visit at this time. Bus, train and air tickets also go for low, nearly rock-bottom prices during this period, but return to normal, come November.

The rains in Goa are what bring this place alive. After the first rains everything appears cleaner and greener than before. But if you thought touring during the rains meant sitting indoors all day, think again. You can sign up with a tour operator, or find yourself a tour guide. If you’re the adventurous sort, wanting more than the regular tourist route, strike out on your own. But a word of advice here: be prepared. Only those with special outdoors skills, a trusty compass and a good sense of direction should try this. Goa may not look it, but it’s quite easy to get lost out there in its wilderness. If you’re unsure about your outdoor skills but still want to get a piece of the wildlife action, sign up for an overnight stay at any of Goa ‘s many forest department-run camps. These camps are generally located right within the wildlife sanctuaries and most of them include a trek or drive through the park.

For the tamer ones among you, who don’t like getting your feet wet, you can sign up with a tour operator or charter a bus to take you around Goa. It is better to plan these excursions with the help of a local, or at least consult a map if you intend doing it yourself. Most tourist destinations are far-flung, and you could find yourself traveling from north to south, with no concrete plan of action. If you’ve checked into a star hotel or signed up for an organized tour, rest assured that everything has been taken care of. Along with special rates and discounts, tour operators and hotels offer you a wide range of activities to choose from. From spa treatments and massages to hikes and nature walks, you can take your pick. And if it’s sightseeing you want to do, then work it out with the person in charge, so that you only visit the places that are of interest to you.

There are fewer tourists around at this time of the year, so you can amble along the beach or take in a nice dinner at any of the restaurants, without being jostled and crowded. All-in-all, it’s a very restful time to be seeing Goa.


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