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Properties in Goa is never been so expensive as it is today the prices of the properties in Goa skyrocketed due to the industrial and business revolution in Goa and of course the demand for the second home in Goa where people can spend their retirement life was also one of the reason the investors started getting attracted to Goa and this made Goa hot spot for the property in India. Lots of renowned builders from all over India especially from Delhi, Mumbai and Pune started targeting the Goa property, investment started pouring from all side and that made Goa property to Boom like never before in the history of Goa. The land which was costing Rs. 500 to 1000 per In city has suddenly jumped to Rs.8000 to 20000 per And in some areas it went up to Rs.75000 per Although now the recession has clenched the globe into its arms but the property prices in Goa are still on its old time high. The reason is very simple the investors who made the Real Estate in Goa a Hot Cake and investors knows only one thing that for all time is the best place to invest in the property.

Goan property market has boomed over the years as more and more investors are set to park their money here as they are all convinced to get worthwhile yields in the long run. The major make over that Goan property market is undergoing is because various conglomerates are purchasing huge commercial spaces for developing shopping arcades and other entertainment – related projects. Furthermore, homes in Goa have been in constant demand due to its scenic landscapes and fascinating beaches. In fact, residential property purchases in Goa register maximum beach property beach property searches and the trend exhibits uniformity both among investors as well as home seekers alike.


Over the years, Goa has attracted huge investments for holiday homes from overseas Goans, NRIs and wealthy North Indians. Real Estate operators say that property with a good ‘sea view’ is always in demand. Earlier, properties in interior Goa with a reasonable proximity to a city were also in great demand. Land prices in Panjim city nearly went four fold in the last year. The prices in other places too have been increased in Goa but by 80 to 100 per cent. Goa located along the western coast of the country, is divided into two districts – North Goa and South Goa is become one of the most preferred holiday spots in India because of its beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan culture, entertainment hubs and food joints. The state has become an attractive choice for real estate as well. The 18th June Road in the Panaji city comprises the retail segment of the micro-market. Prime residential properties in Prime residential properties in Goa are located in Dona Paula, Miramar and Caranzalem along the northern coast, while mid-end apartments are present in Margao in the South Goa. Being a tourist hub, the retail markets in Goa are located at beach towns of Calangute and Baga. People look forward to own a property in Goa and not only to live or invest but also to own a property in Goa and not only to live or invest but also to have a holiday home amid the beautiful surroundings. Most of us wish to own a home by the sea, where both Indian and International tourists enjoy the laid back lifestyle all the year round. Goa real estate has proved to be a hot cake amongst NRI’s. New projects are being developed by the Real Estate builders. The Goa property Market is changing. Panaji, Mapusa and Calangute Beach have emerged as leading real estate hotspots in Goa. Villas, row houses, lifestyle apartments and shopping arcades are mushrooming all across.


Another reason could be the shooting hotel rates through the ceiling made tourists who visit Goa quite often prefer to invest in Goa residential property. Real estate transactions are taking place as more and more tourists buy a house as a vacation home and then rent it out to someone for the period during which they are not holidaying. Owing a sea-side property in Goa is perceived as a matter of pride and class by the people. Though having a sea facing villa in Goa is a dream, the trend for having a sea facing flat is also catching up. There are many residential projects coming up in Goa, villas and apartments (freehold basis) and the construction is all across Goa. Most of the developers are eyeing to position their developments at a site which offers the potential buyers a seamless sea view. Undoubtedly, Goa real estate market has now become the most happening state. As per the real estate experts, the prospects of real estate investment in Goa look very bright. What attracts more and more real estate developers to Goa are its strategic location and the availability of good land. Besides that, rising levels of interest from the investors is one of the reasons why prominent builders walk around Goa properties.


Besides the other outsiders investing in Goa property its own son of soil were never left behind in the race at all we have some of the well known builders in Goa who has made Goan property a gold mine some of the prominent names are to be mentioned are Acron, Riviera, Alcon, Dempo,Models, Kamat, Nanu, Reliance etc…. besides this some of the well known builders across the India also to be mentioned who made their debut in the Goan property market are Nirvana Nest from Delhi, Gera from Pune, Rizavi from Mumbai were the prominent ones.

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