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Goa Carnival - Image for representation only (credits: Rajesh Ghadge)

Goa is always been fancied by the tourist from around the world, for some Goa is a place to drink fenny and savor fish curry and for others its kingdom of casinos. Foreigners come to Goa for relaxation and rejuvenation while many Indians from north & south come to Goa to party all night. Foreigners specially look for hideaways while Indians search for the crowded places to have good time. They like to go to beaches in swarm to drink and dance. At the end all of them get what they want as Goa always has bounty to offers to everybody. It’s the land of Sun, Sea and Siesta. Tourism in Goa has always attracted people from around the world and economy of Goa stands on Tourism Business mainly as it deposits major revenue into the government kitty and Goa government always endeavor to work out different strategies to draw the tourist into the state.

Medical tourism was super hit strategy of Goa Tourism which started in the year 2008 and was very successfully pulling tourist crowd from UK & US who arrive to Goa for medical treatments and at the same time spend time in scenic beauty of Goa. The result of this strategy many dental clinics flourished in costal belt of Goa providing cost effective services to the tourist coming from around the world. Major chains of the hospitals started mushrooming in Goa to take advantage of medical tourism which in turn provided huge revenue to the government of Goa. Today we have many international brands of hospitals setup in Goa who gives their services to the foreign tourist and locals as well.


Off shore Casino boom was another revenue generation machine introduced in year 1998 by launching CARAVELLA in river mandovi by Ramada owners. It was the only floating casino in river mandovi but looking at the revenue factors other players entered in this field including Salgaonkars with their offshore casino CARNIVAL, Delta group with casino ROYALE and finally owners of Majestic hotels with casino PRIDE. Casino business is one of the enormously profit making business in tourism sector in Goa which involves hundreds of crores investments and huge running cost. Goa is the Las Vegas of India and players from all over the country come to gamble here. This in turn deposits huge revenue in government kitty.


Goa government is always striving to promote tourism by organising various festivals and cultural programs. In the recent development Mr. Dilip Parulekar, Minister for Tourism, Woman & Child Development, Government of Goa along with Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director Tourism, Government of Goa and Managing Director, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has plans to take tourism promotion to the next level to make Goa year-round tourism destination by focusing on Festival Tourism and is packaging and promoting the various festivals as major tourism events. Mr. Parulekar along with Mr. Desai has addressed the media in Mumbai at Bungalow 9 restaurant to outline the grand plans. “The Carnaval is the highlight of our annual calendar and we want to ensure that this will be an unforgettable experience for locals, as well as visitors to the state. The event is Goa’s tribute to its diverse population and heritage and it aims to spread a message of peace, unity and harmony. Our vision is to see that the Carnaval here becomes as popular as the legendary Brazilian Carnaval,” stated Parulekar. The Minister added that Goa Tourism is keen on promoting the state as a destination for celebrations.


“Goa is a place that induces a contagious celebratory spirit, right from weddings to festivals everything here is celebrated with pomp and fervour. This is why we are also promoting and packaging festivals and events like the Carnaval 2014 followed by Cashew & Coconut Festival and other festivals like Shigmo, Sao Jao, Bonderam and Tirpurari Purnima which have some quaint traditions associated with it and are a testimony to Goa’s rich history. It is also our effort to preserve the heritage and cultural lineage of our state,” stated Parulekar. He said that they expect more than 2.5 lakh tourists to participate in the Carnaval this year, which recorded nearly two lakh tourists last year

“The Cashew and Coconut Festival is one-of-its’-kind and will be held in mid-May this year. It will be a fun event with lot of activities like cashew stomping and contests like coconut breaking, coconut tree climbing, etc. and cuisine and showcase of handicrafts made from coconut. Our efforts are to showcase the heritage and culture of the state and attract larger number of repeat visitors to the state,” said Mr. Desai.


Tourism being the major source of income to the Goan any efforts taken in the direction of promoting the tourism will directly benefit its inhabitants and it will create the secure atmosphere of employment amongst them. The efforts of the tourism minister and director of tourism will not only generate more revenue to the state of Goa but it will create more employments to the youths of Goa. Goa Prism will always struggle to be a part of such noble cause by promoting the Tourism via this publication amongst the tourist across the country and globe.

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