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Tourism industry is growing rapidly like never before. Earlier it was a trend of east to travel to India on vacation to spend some quality time. Goa had tourism season starting in the month of October and ending in the month of February after that total silence in coastal area no more tourist and no business at all. But then trend changed due to increase in financial freedom amongst the young generation in India changed the entire scenario. Bag-Packer tourism started taking its roots into India and people started travelling on weekends most usually with their own vehicles in a group to spend weekend in camouflage taking a break from high pressure work environment.

Though the backpackers tourism does not assure huge financial gains to the tourism industry as the travelers prefer to stay in less expensive places and would spend less money on shopping or on eating at expensive restaurants but they assure regular business to smaller establishments. Though we are talking about the bag packers trend growing in India but this is very small part of the real big picture How? As you read through the article it will divulge on its own.
Bag packer’s tourism is not as small as we of think of it, but in the financial perspectives of it surely creates big deference for instance the bag packer tourism depreciating currency in India is alluring the global travelers to extend their stay and afford better hotels. Budget trips and solo escapades in India are becoming more and more popular among the backpackers of the western countries. Consequently, the Indian tourism market is reaping handsome dividends. The fall in the value of the Indian currency along with the losses faced by the aviation companies resulting in cheaper airfares has helped the solo tourists holidaying in India. The sharp fall of the rupee may have hurt the Indian economy but to the thousands of cost-conscious international travelers visiting India, it evolved as a boon, especially the ones who are visiting the country during monsoons. Apart from depreciating value of the rupee, industry insiders say that the tourism departments from various states are actively promoting tourism destinations in their states to countries abroad is another factor leading to an increasing numbers of backpackers visiting the country.


Backpacking is a popular trend of travelling in Western countries, which is essentially traveling on a very low budget. As per the experts, backpackers don’t complain about poor infrastructure while travelling and are content with basic lodging facilities. Keeping this in mind, several budget hotels and home stays have mushroomed around the state Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Pondicherry, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and North Eastern states to cater to the growing influx of backpackers.
To make this story more realistic we have real experiences of some of the bag packers traveling regularly to various parts of India with the limited budget and high aspirations


[su_frame]“Before starting my 10 day trek to mantalai staying in tents sounded very excited. It was exciting for a couple of days but I did miss soft mattress after continuous walking for whole day. Sleeping in bags and tent was not very comfortable and to add to it was the cold breeze. Similarly bathing and morning rituals are again a question because the trek is in hilly trail with no hotel/ rooms so a separate movable cabinet is prepared for same with which not everyone are comfortable. Have to trek carrying your own luggage so try to keep it to minimum weight, porters are available but they carry tents and food for you. When headed to places like these make sure to carry extra batteries for camera as no charging points will be available. Last not the least forget about the job to its world and submit yourself to nature it is surely something to live for.”[/su_frame]
[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]-Rushikesh Laddha | IT Proffessional | Nashik, Maharashtra[/su_highlight]

[su_frame]I love hiking and I never miss a chance if I have one. Pune has some really amazing forts nearby and it is heaven during rains. Hiking while you are totally drenched is more fun. But most of the forts are not maintained well and public toilets are a major concern for girls. Changing from drenched clothes is always a problem. When we are in groups we end up requesting local villagers to use their places for changing. When hiking in monsoon make sure to wrap mobiles and camera in water proof covers. Carry a pair of spare clothes so you can change once you are on your way back. Invest in trekking shoes with good grip most of the rock patches are slippery.[/su_frame]
[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]-Rupa Sureshkumar | IT Proffessional | Chennai[/su_highlight]

[su_frame]Road trip on my enfield was the most awaited trip of my school group. We were on strict budget plus needed to save for fuel and any unexpected breakages we cut down on lavish hotels and instead opted for accommodations available on Highways. Moving to a new place and doing sightseeing is no fun compared to riding on highways, Highways too have much beauty to offer. You can ride on ur own pace and have a smoke with a view. Maintaining bike is very important do get a checkup done whenever there is a service available. Always remember safety on road is very important.[/su_frame]
[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]-Vineet Khokar | IT Proffesional | Pune, Maharashtra[/su_highlight]


As trend is changing so the tourism industry, the future is all about bagpackers they are there to stay and influence the tourism industry in India. Bottom line is that the tourism industry overall will grow multifold, per capita profits will melt down but the turnover will increase giving boost to overall profits. Small players in tourism industry will mushroom with time.

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