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Do You Know That Motorcycle Vibration Can Damage Your iPhone Camera?

Apple has issued an instructions to the iPhones users who use the iPhone on motorcycle informing them about the loud sound and vibration that could
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Motorcycle Vibrations Can Damage Your iPhone Camera
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iPhone camera is one of the best in the class with the possibility to shoot unto 4K in movie style and while being the best it is also vulnerable to the high pitch sound and heavy vibrations and hence making use of iPhones for navigation purpose while on the bike could damage its camera permanently, stated the apple.   

iPhones require a lot of care. With the growing prices of the Apple iPhones, many feel it is equivalent to jewellery. The only difference between the two remains is that iPhone would break when dropped on the floor, but no one would dare to do that. 

There have been various instances and studies on Apple iPhones after which Apple usually informs their users on how to take care of the products. Another such warning has been recently issued by Apple. 

Many mobile users, be it Apple or Android, use their mobile phones for navigation purposes on their motorcycles. Well if you are one of those and specially the iPhone user, then you need to stop doing that soon because as per the new warning, the vibrations of the motorcycle can damage the quality of your camera. 

The high amplitude vibrations on motorcycles, especially the high-power and expensive ones, can damage your iPhone cameras through handlebar and motorcycle body transmissions.

According to reports, Apple has explained how this damage happens and how motorcycles and iPhone camera together is not a good combination. 

There are two main technologies used in an iPhone’s popular camera system. The first one is Optical Image Stabilization and the other one is Closed Loop autofocus. This does a great job at preventing blur pictures if the camera person moves while taking a photo.

The technology giant says that both of these features can be damaged permanently by prolonged exposure to high-amplitude vibrations.

The other technology is that of the Closed Loop autofocus feature includes magnetic sensors that measure vibrations to stabilize the camera at times when there is a movement. This helps the lens as it can be positioned accordingly to take the best shot.

“Exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges, specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines can degrade the performance of the camera system,” Apple composes. “It is recommended to avoid exposing your iPhone to extended high-amplitude vibrations.”

The two hardware technologies which are known to be used in the iPhone camera system can be easily ruined by high-amplitude motorcycle vibrations, for which Apple has issued a warning for their users. 

Hence, one needs to be extremely careful with their iPhones from now on. Apple says that the two features are pretty standard for iPhone cameras since the launch of the iPhone 7.

One must keep their iPhone safely and inside some covering while travelling on a motorcycle. So now should all iPhone owners buy a non-apple phone as well for their motorcycles when they need google navigations? 

Well, this question should be asked to the one who issued this warning.

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