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Become a Canva Pro In No Time With These Tips

Canva digital tool for graphic designing online has becoming popular by day and the reason behind it is its easy user friendly interface.
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Become a Canva pro in no Time
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Although Canva has a very easy user interface but still there are many secret keys and moves that can help you to make your work faster and accurate. Here we have mentioned 10 tricks that will help you to become Canva Pro. 

It is not just words that rule the digital world; Canva, a fantastic tool for web content, integrates images into those words. Curious about its capabilities? Then have a look at what Canva is, its offerings and its tips to become a Canva Pro.

So, what is Canva? 

Many people will ask themselves this question since it is an increasingly common application in businesses of all types, especially for content plans. 

A graphic design tool established in 2012, Canva provides a plethora of online templates to create amazing designs. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, it comes with 8,000 templates to pick from to form over 100 different types of assets, such as flyers, infographics, social network images, emails, and posters. 

Over the years, Canva has become an indispensable tool for marketing professionals, bloggers, small business owners and students. But its greatest advantage is that it allows non-designers to create straightforward content.

Isn’t it great to save hours upon hours by knowing just a few keyboard shortcuts on Canva? 

Here are 10 shortcuts that you need to know to become a Canva Pro:

  1. Are blurred images a photography mistake? Yes, in some cases it is, but otherwise it is a useful design tool. Well, it is not about salvaging a bad photo by using a blur effect on it and calling it good! Instead, intentionally blurred images are used to enhance the designs in specific ways. To blur an image on Canva: Drag and drop the image on the page -> Select Adjust on the top left corner -> Choose the Blur option and adjust accordingly.
  1. Let’s say you want all of the text to be in uppercase. Instead of selecting the text and re-typing it out, you can use this keyboard shortcut instead: Command (or Control) + Shift + K.
  1. With the following Canva keyboard shortcut, you can easily add a border around any text line. You must first select the text box you want to add a border to. Then, use the following keyboard shortcut: Option (or Alt)  + Shift + B. To increase the size of the border you have added, Select the object with a border. Then type Option (or Alt) + Shift + Equals sign. To decrease the size of the border, type: Option (or Alt) + Shift + Minus sign.
  1. To switch layers in a stack, first select the object you wish to move. Next, hold down the command (or Control) key. Click until you are on the desired layer. For moving layers in a stack, select the layer you wish to move, then press either Command (or Control) + [ or Command (or Control) + ]. The up and down arrows can also be substituted for the brackets.
  1. By applying a grid to your workspace, you can easily align objects on your image. Create an image on Canva, and then use the keyboard shortcut: Command (or Control) +.
  1. Have you made a mistake in Canva? Rather than reloading the page and starting over, use this keyboard shortcut to undo your changes: Command (or Control) + Z. Also, to redo an edit, press Command (or Control) + Shift + Z.
  1. Duplicating an image layer, or duplicating a text layer can be done without having to redo the font, font size, and color – by just clicking Command (or Control) + C to copy and Command (or Control) + V to paste.
  1. Is it possible to select everything in a Canva project at once? Don’t select items individually. Instead, open your Canva project and use Command (or Control) + A. Once all of the items are selected, you can drag them to their new location. To deselect the elements, simply click the Esc key.
  1. Do you often work with shapes in Canva? Then the keys “R”, “C” and “L” are your new best friends. By pressing the key “R”, you can easily create a rectangle. Same goes by pressing “C”, to create a circle in the design. And finally, you can easily create a line in the template by pressing the “L” key.
  1. 10.Keyboard shortcuts often save tons of time, by just a single key, one can generate scores of entities. Here are 20 additional shortcuts that will help you:

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts 

Add a text box: T 

Bold text: Command + B

Italicize text: Command + I 

Underline text: Command + U

Align text to the left: Command + shift + L

Align text to the right: Command + shift + R

Align text in the center: Command + shift + C

Save: Command + S

Group elements: select the elements and click Command-G

Ungroup elements: Shift-Command-G

Constrain proportions while resizing: Hold Shift, and drag corners to resize

Zoom in/out: Command (+) or Command (-)

Zoom to actual size: Command-0

Zoom to fit: Alt-Command-0

Add a comment: Option-Command-M

Present in full screen mode: Option-Command-P

Mute or unmute video: M

Show Rulers: Shift-R

Add an empty page: Command-Enter

Delete empty page: Command-Backspace

In a short period of time, Canva has made a name for itself in web apps owing to its ease of use, versatility, and price. A graphic design tool that allows “non-designers” to get fast and attractive solutions within their professional field. Use Canva because it is the power of design, as its slogan says.

Did Canva’s shortcuts appeal to you? What are other helpful Canva shortcuts that we should all know? Tell us in the comments!

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