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What is Email Marketing and How To Use This Tool?

Email is 40 times more important than any other platform to reach out to your prospective customer! It is a fact because Email is everywhere,
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Email Marketing
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Email is 40 times more important than any other platform to reach out to your prospective customer! It is a fact because Email is everywhere, and over 92% of adults online use email on daily basis. Email is the source that allows the development of a relationship by reaching out constantly, works as a communication tool that provides updates, and gets customers to act through embedded links.

Most of us are used to attending a trusted thought on the quality of information we receive through Email above another platform, and that’s the integral part that it works so well. So, it’s fast and convenient, and customers do likely prefer the promotional content they receive in emails over social media or chat apps.  

What kind of emails does the audience want to receive?

Customers take interest in your promotional content unless you do it tastefully, and respectfully and keep it relevant. You need to know, What kind of emails your audience wants to receive?  and What makes a greater result? Two things will answer that- 

  • Content- what is the right context to make it more effective?
  • Timing- how often or what are the right timings to send it?

There are four kinds of effective emails you can send to your customers.

1. Email Newsletters 

Email newsletters are all about updating your audience about the new services you provide, newsletters bring huge help with brand engagement as it is known as the best way to nurture the leads you generate. Take news content like thought leadership or new product and service announcement, make it a news highlight and send it to your interested audience through a cycle of time. 

2. Promotional Emails 

Customers love receiving updates that show up deals and discounts, and that’s what Promotional email is. But from a business person’s perspective, promotional Emails leads to more sale. Whether it could be for any event-related information promotional emails warm up the excitement of the target audience and lead to sales or registration. 

3. Relational Emails

Relational emails are more likely to use to build up a relationship with your client. Like welcoming a new subscriber, updating the following lists, or it could be something about providing your blog posts. There are some amazing pros of relational emails like you communicate with your clients but some cons of this type too, if you do this continuously with irrelevant content you will fall into your customer’s spam list as an annoying email. 

4. Transaction Emails

This type of email is an immediate response to the action your client takes through your services. These transaction emails include order confirmation, shipping tracking notifications, password reminders, and receipts. Transactional Emails give your customers a sort of assurance of your brand and maintain transparency with your details. 

 Pro tip here- don’t forget to make your emails stand out with some extra care and extra information you represent.  

What are the Master steps to follow while Email Marketing?

Unlike other social media apps Email marketing doesn’t have any changing algorithms, it is constant and reliable and that is the cause why it brings the best results. 

Successful email marketing comes with three simple steps- 

  • Built Email Audience. 
  • Maintain a healthy list.
  • Ensure the content Quality.

1. Built an Email Audience 

How are you going to build an Audience circle?  You can bring the audience through different Platforms like your website, Social media handles, etc., and can ask them to register so that they can listen to your updates from time to time. 

Well in return you have to give them something that can convince them to give you their Email Id. 

The only rule here to take care of is – never buy a fake Audience, this is not going to help you with any sale also this can lead to a bad brand appearance.  

2. Maintain a healthy list

Key to effective marketing is the way the Business maintains its engagement ratio or sends a type of content that is not useful for the customer. This step is crucial because, if the emails are set too much can make your emails fall into spam folders, and doing it too less can break down the connectivity with your clients. 

Bringing reliable content can trigger your audience’s engagement and that can lead to growth. 

3. Ensure the Quality content-

There are hundreds of emails that are tied to cliffhangers in your client’s inbox, understand how you are standing out of all those. Like you can make use of a catchy title as a subject line, which can start with creating a mystery to open the email. Also, you might have received some emails from Spotify that they usually try to provide their customer with a better deal than they are actually in need of like the notification email of updating the new trending playlist. When subscribers are happy to open the email because of the needed content, you fill them with success.    

Wrapping up 

Here are some tips and strategies you have to make use of when you come up with an idea for starting Email Marketing with your Business. Also, there are some high tips here too- when you are drafting your email content make sure you keep it simple, try to understand your audience, keep track of their activity and write for them, and lastly keep it friendly to make your audience feel like you care for their interest. 

So, happy Marketing journey from here on! 

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