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Manipal Hospitals Goa Introduces Cutting-Edge Minimally Invasive Scarless Organ Preserving Therapies

Explore how Manipal Hospitals in Goa is pioneering Minimally Invasive Scarless Organ Preserving Therapies, revolutionizing healthcare by minimizing scarring and preserving healthy tissue. Learn about
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Minimally Invasive Scarless Organ Preserving Therapies
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Manipal Hospitals (MH) in Goa has unveiled its pioneering Minimally Invasive Scarless Organ Preserving Therapies, a revolutionary leap forward in medical care designed to transform the treatment landscape for various organ-related ailments. Spearheaded by Dr. Charudutt Jayant Sambhaji, Consultant in Endovascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology, and Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director & Unit Head, this innovative initiative promises to redefine healthcare standards in the region.

These groundbreaking therapies signify a major milestone in the hospital’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge healthcare solutions to the community. They are tailored to address underlying organ conditions while minimizing scarring and preserving healthy tissue. By sidestepping traditional surgical methods and anesthesia, the risk of complications is significantly reduced, and recovery times are expedited. Particularly crucial in maintaining organ functions and mitigating long-term issues, these therapies target organs such as the thyroid, breast, uterus, liver, kidneys, lungs, and bones.

Utilizing stem cell therapy and tissue engineering techniques to repair damaged organs, alongside procedures like microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, and embolization, these therapies precisely target tumors—whether cancerous or non-cancerous—with minimal impact on surrounding tissues, employing precise thermal energy. Embolization techniques are employed to obstruct blood flow to tumors with pinpoint accuracy, depriving them of vital oxygen and nutrients.

Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director and Unit Head at Manipal Hospitals Goa expressed his excitement about the introduction of these therapies, emphasizing the hospital’s dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions prioritizing patient well-being and outcomes. He believes that these therapies will revolutionize the treatment of organ-related conditions, offering patients a more comfortable and effective treatment experience.

Dr. Charudutt Jayant Sambhaji also highlighted the significance of the launch, stating that with the introduction of Microwave Ablation Therapy at Manipal Hospital, Goa, all organ-preserving therapies are now available under one roof. He anticipates that advancements in medical technology and research under interventional radiology will continue to expand the repertoire of scarless organ-preserving therapies, providing patients with less invasive treatment options and improved outcomes.

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