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How Delhi Government Can Use Rs 84 Crores For A Better Purpose instead of installing Flags Across The State?

Under the ‘Desh Bhakti Budget’ schemes announced by the Delhi Government, the installation of 5 high-mast Tricolour flags will be installed in the city by

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Delhi Government Installing Flags Across State
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Under the ‘Desh Bhakti Budget’ schemes announced by the Delhi Government, the installation of 5 high-mast Tricolour flags will be installed in the city by 15th August, i.e. Independence Day.

The Public Works Department (PWD) has been assigned with this task of installing 500 tricolour flags in the city on 100 feet high poles across the city at 500 different locations. 

Earlier this year in March 2021, the Delhi government had announced its annual budget themed on patriotism and named ‘Deshbhakti budget’ under which Rs 45 crore has been set aside to install high-mast Tricolour at 500 locations across the national capital. 

By July 24, the amount had come up to be Rs 84 crores and the average installation price for each flag would cost approximately Rs16.8 lakhs.

The work to install flags will be executed without disrupting traffic, the tender states. The traffic diversion plan would also require approval from the Delhi Traffic Police and of the department, the tender further read.

According to the Aam Aadmi Party government, the idea behind this installation is to celebrate the 75th Independence Day. 

The deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia even said “So even if someone is going out 2 km from their home, they will get to see the tricolour flying in all its glory and feel patriotic,”

This actually becomes a matter of concern because there are many other things that lack the government’s attention and are in the interest of the public. 

The city was hit by the migrant crisis, and went through massive Covid-19 cases which left hundreds of families devastated with an overburdened healthcare system between April and May. 

What else could be done with the Rs84 crores instead of installing flags across the city?

  1. Public centres like parks and government spaces can be made more accessible for the physically disabled people.
  2. We’ve all seen the sanitisation groups with a lack of safety and cleaning equipment. The government can provide them with good quality gear so that the work which they are doing for the society can be done by them with some comfort.
  3. We all know how badly the second wave hit Delhi. The government could have set up clinics in local colonies and make healthcare services accessible to everyone. A simple RT-PCR test was not available on such days. 
  4. Provide housing facilities to the underprivileged. There is a whole chunk of our society that lives in poverty. This somehow goes unnoticed by our leaders.

These are few of the many matters that need the government’s attention more than the installation of tricolour flags!

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