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How An Alliance Between OYO and Microsoft Will benefit The Users?

In a recent alliance between OYO and Microsoft, the two are ready to transform the travel industry into a new experience digitally.
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Alliance Between OYO and Microsoft
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Collaborations and alliances are so much in trend these days. Now such alliances are helping brands and companies more than ever, since each brand has its own identity and an alliance brings the customers and audience of both the brands together. 

In a recent alliance between OYO and Microsoft, the two are ready to transform the travel world into a new experience digitally. The targeted audience for these 2 companies is those who operate small and medium hotels and home storefronts.

“We are excited to join hands with Microsoft in our constant endeavour to improve business opportunities for the small and independent hotel and homeowners, and to redefine experiences for travellers,” said Abhinav Sinha who is the Global COO and Chief Product Officer – OYO Hotels and Homes.

In this new age business, everything is going online and cashless, be it work education or meetings. Many people are actually liking this since they can avoid the effort of going out and can even avoid the long travelling hours. 

How the alliance between OYO and Microsoft will benefit users?

As part of this alliance, Oyo would be developing smart room experiences for travellers which would be nothing like before making it a whole new and personalised experience. 

Using Microsoft’s Azure IoT, the features that would be included in this alliance to make the user experience better than ever would be self-check-in supported by a digital register of arrivals and departures and self-Know Your Customer (KYC) along with IoT-managed smart locks and even virtual assistance at all times.

“For our guests, this alliance will mean more personalization, better choices, differentiated experiences and an improved guest experience in the future. Microsoft’s commitment is further strengthened by the equity investment in the company,” said Abhinav Sinha.

How The Consumer Behaviour Has Changed During the Pandemic?

Everyone knows how consumer behaviour has changed during The pandemic. Booking tickets for travel is not the same anymore. Now people only want secluded locations that ensure strict social distancing, local travel, flexibility, faster booking and provide a good customer experience. The way small and medium hotel businesses operate would entirely change after this collaboration, leading to a higher-tech adoption, which will further shape the future of hospitality.

“This alliance with Microsoft will accelerate the deployment of our products in the hands of small businesses we work with, allowing us to create even more impact through an integrated technology ecosystem available on the cloud for businesses in the remotest corners of the world,” Sinha added.

The hospitality firm will also adopt Microsoft cloud solution Azure. The development happens following a $5 million strategic investment by Microsoft in the company.

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