MS Windows 10 will be the final version of Windows


Microsoft Windows 10 will be a Service instead of a product it will no more have number of major releases.

This news sounds to be extreme step taken by the Microsoft, compared to its earlier business strategies of releasing the operating system. This time Microsoft is up to some new game plan. According to the Microsoft executive Jerry Nixon the upcoming windows 10 update will be the company’s last version of windows. This does not mean that windows will go away or something like that; instead the Microsoft has plans to keep updating its famous operating system on regular basis on incremental manner which according to them is much more dynamic platform.

According to the earlier practice the Microsoft would keep introducing the new versions of the Windows every three years or so but from here onwards this practice will be stopped by the company. The company will ship the new version along with the PCs to the new consumer while the old consumers can straight away get the upgrade for Windows 10 free of cost for the period of one year from the date of release. This way Microsoft will not be making any money from the people who do not want to buy the latest version of the windows. Microsoft 10 will be also running on the multiple devices including the tablets and mobile phones. This strategy by and far looks to be very close to the Apple OS strategy.

If you look at the current business strategy of Microsoft, they provide regular updates and security patches to its OS which is necessary for your system but Windows 10 will be totally different from this, it will get the real updates that would add the real functionalities and changes the way your OS performs over a period of time. This business model will be something very close to the Google Chrome model of software update, where the news versions are applied automatically without you knowing its present versions. The Microsoft office will also have the similar fate according the sources.

Based in this new strategy of Microsoft the cash will flow only from the new pc sales, this way it will not get hit from the present update model. This business model Microsoft been always planning to implement, in fact they also had a plan to charge certain fees for this new OS service, but now it’s not sure how they will charge for the new PC licenses to generate the enough revenue to sustain their investors.

This change is taking place under the guidance of new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadalia who is making move towards converting the OS into Services Company. As the availability of easy internet connection is making all the software vendors to keep providing the regular updates for their apps, operating systems and firmware over the internet from the time it became practical to do so. Although the decision of Microsoft to fully embrace this will be a big change in a way they operate in the market selling the OS to desktop computers.

One can only wait and watch as how the Microsoft will generate the revenue as they have announced the free update for windows 10 for the first year may it it could become the part of larger bundle of service that develops on what office 365 presently provides.

Watch the Full Windows 10 Keynote Video Here

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