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Everything You Need To Know About New iOS 15 For iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Announced on WWDC 2021

The revolutionary tech giant, Apple hosted its most awaited annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021 on Monday, the 7th of June. As expected, Apple drew

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WWDC Event June 2021
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The revolutionary tech giant, Apple hosted its most awaited annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021 on Monday, the 7th of June. As expected, Apple drew on WWDC 2021 to announce an array of software updates including the iOS 15 for iPhone, iPad OS 15, and Apple Watch OS 8.  An iOS update means more features for people using the iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch and that’s always very exciting for Apple fans.

This latest update to iOS15 promises great improvements. It is created by considering the 4 prime points — discovering focus, staying connected, availing intelligence, and traversing the world. 

New FaceTime Update

New Facetime Update on Apple

The first update announced by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi was that FaceTime users will now have a portrait mode to make calls more comfortable and natural. They can generate links for video calls that can be accessed by android and windows devices too. Apple also unveiled a new feature of SharePlay, which lets multiple users listen to music or watch the video together virtually by just screen sharing to view apps together using SharePlay. Various platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, ESPN+, Hulu, Twitch, and the like are integrating with Share play.

‘New Focus Mode’ for notifications

Notifications always play a key role, we receive hundreds of them every day. iOS15 will be able to group the notifications in a “Summary” which means that notifications will be put together according to their type and a single summary containing several alerts will be sent in a period of time that users can set themselves. This customizes notifications alerts to a preferred time and hence provides a Focus to tailor which notifications are important and which are not.

 Apple Maps & Weather

With the addition of 3D elevation maps, crosswalks, and rendered landmarks, and the like, along with a whole new night-time version, Apple Maps gets a complete makeover. Apple Weather is beautifully redesigned, including dynamic layouts that change based on conditions, graphical displays, backgrounds that reflect the sun’s position, and many more.

 Google Lens’ like feature

The ioS15 is finally getting a Google Lens-like feature where its Live Text feature uses on-device intelligence to recognize text, links, phone numbers, and the like from photos in different languages (up to seven languages). Users can learn more about anything with just a photo.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

With the iOS15 update, Apple will make it possible to access everyday places with just a tap, by allowing users to incorporate home, office, and hotel keys into Apple Wallet. Users will be able to add their state IDs or driver’s license to Wallet, which will be safely stored in the Secure Element similar to that of Apple Pay.

 New iPadOS 15

iPad OS 15

The iPadOS 15 brings scores of new features. It includes new keyboard shortcuts, an amped-up new Safari browser, Quick Notes, a new docking bar design for a better multitasking experience, and more. The new Shelf feature allows users to swiftly swap between multiple apps.

 Apple Watch OS8 updates

Apple Watch OS

The watch OS8 is a revolutionary experience of using an Apple Watch. A lot can be done with the WatchOS, as it now helps the users to track their respiratory rate. New workout modes such as Pilates and Tai Chi along with a feature called Reflect are being introduced. 

 Health updates

Apple Health

The Apple Health app aims to advance the user’s personal health by introducing health data sharing with loved ones or care networks. It assures that data is encrypted and securely shared. All these updates will now help users better understanding the lab results.

Additional features


iCloud+ includes all the finest attributes of iCloud along with the latest premium features at no additional cost. Additional features include Hide My Email, iCloud Private Relay, broadened HomeKit Secure Video support, and many more.


HomeKit enabled “Hey Siri” in their products, allowing users to talk and receive back responses from Siri on any third-party devices. Enabled accessories will support features such as Personal Requests, Alarms, and the like by relaying requests.

Find My

Apple is enhancing the ability of Find My to locate lost devices when it is erased or turned off. This feature is helpful if the missing iPhone has been turned off by the thief or does not have enough battery to stay active.


Usually, Apple does not announce any specific date for release, far in advance, beyond its usual “fall”. The newly announced updates will be available as a beta release for developers soon and a public release will be available in India by July.

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