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Don’t Make The Following Mistakes or Else You Will Not Get Insurance Benefits – New Traffic Rules

The traffic rules keep changing with the time so the regulations of insurance companies and now you make sure you don’t make the following mistakes
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The number of accidents and fatalities on the roads is increasing as the number of vehicles on the road increases. Many stringent steps have recently been taken to reduce traffic violations, which frequently result in accidents.

Aside from imposing heavy fines for violations of traffic rules, the court ordered that insurance claim rules be changed, and the new rules will be implemented by insurance companies and transportation departments on April 1, 2022.

According to the new rules, the following errors will disqualify you from filing insurance claims or receiving insurance benefits:


If the number of passengers traveling by car or two-wheeler exceeds the permitted number, no insurance coverage will be available.

Riding without wearing a helmet

Persons riding two-wheelers without a helmet will not be covered by insurance.

Driving on the incorrect side

Not only will no compensation be paid to those who drive on the wrong side of the road, but no case can be filed after an accident against those who drive on the correct side of the road.

Furthermore, if an accident occurs as a result of others driving on the wrong side of the road, a sum of up to Rs 20 lakh will be recovered from the violators of traffic rules to compensate those on the correct side of the road. In the event that the money could not be recovered even by selling the violators’ assets, the violators could face up to 14 years in prison.

Driving while intoxicated

There will be no insurance coverage for drunk drivers, and no compensation will be paid to such drivers in the event of an accident.

Talking on the phone

The above rules will apply to a person found talking on a mobile phone, and the same punishment will apply even if he/she is wearing a helmet, driving on the correct side, and/or driving without the use of alcohol.

Excessive Speeding

All punishments, including those for talking on the phone, will apply to fast-driving vehicles that exceed the speed limits.

Trying to Persuade

If a person tries to persuade the authorities to avoid punishment in any of the aforementioned cases, the person’s driving license will be revoked.

Inaction is Punished

If a concerned officer, who is responsible for taking action in the above violations, does not take action, he or she will be suspended from service for three years without pay.

Failure to Wear a Seat Belt

No compensation will be paid to a driver who is not wearing a seat belt.

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