Breaking News!!! Year 2006 Shanu Gaonkar Missing Case Turns into Murder Case After the Ex-Driver of BJP Leader Gives Statement in Video Clipping Going Viral on Social Media

The skeletons of Shanu Gaonkar missing case has finally come out of the closet after almost 11 years of gap. The ex-driver of the Goa BJP candidate Vishwajit Krishnarao Rane has made the claims that, his ex-boss had shot the missing Shanu Gaonkar 11 years back in the Bar at Sattari and his body was disposed of by the Bar owner who is said to be an associate of the Mr. Rane. The video clip containing the confessions of the driver has gone viral on the social media. (We have attached the video clip in this article)

Based on the information available from reliable sources, BJP candidate in Goa Vishwajit Krishnarao Rane’s ex-driver was detained by police after a video went viral on social media wherein he claimed to have witnessed the murder of a man by the leader. “Witness Pandurang Adarkar who is from Kolhapur in Maharashtra has been detained. He has confessed to being witness to the murder of one Shanu Gaonkar, who is missing since 2006,” said inspector Dipak Pednekar. In the video, Adarkar purportedly claimed he was witness to Rane shooting Gaonkar dead in Sattari tehsil of Goa in 2006 to avenge the killing of his brother Prithviraj Rane. Prithviraj has murdered at Saleli village of Sattari tehsil in 2005.

After the video became viral on social media the, police swung into action and started the preliminary inquiry into the matter, said the sources. “Preliminary inquiry had begun under the supervision of Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap,” Pednekar told PTI. “Although, no one had been arrested yet, but the statements of all the people named by Adarkar would be recorded soon,” he added. The police officer, however, ruled out questioning Rane at this juncture. According to the sources, Vishwajit Krishnarao Rane could not be reached for comments. He contested the Assembly election earlier this month on the BJP ticket against Congress’ Pratapsinh Rane from Poriem constituency.


Meanwhile, the post on the social media by Goa’s Social Activist Adv. Aires Rodrigues has calmed that, The police perhaps on directives of Senior BJP leaders are intentionally now dragging their feet and as a mere eyewash they have only detained Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane’s driver instead of nabbing the main accused himself. According to Mr. Rodregues, Nobody can be above the law. Justice demands that the 44-year-old BJP leader Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane and Prashant Desai in who’s Step – In Bar at Honda in Satari it all happened should both be immediately taken into police custody and their custodial interrogation will unravel how Shanu Gaonkar was shot dead. The Police are duty bound to ensure that Shanu Gaonkar and his family finally get justice. “Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane, who has been aspiring to be an MLA must land at Goa’s Central Jail in Colvale where he rightly belongs and never ever in the Goa Legislative Assembly,” said Mr. Rodregues on his post on the social media.  

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has filed a petition at the Goa Human Rights Commission seeking a meticulous probe into the clinching evidence that has now surfaced that a 30-year-old Saleli youth Shanu Gaonkar was in 2006 shot dead by Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane in a bar at Honda in Satari. Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane was the BJP candidate from Poriem constituency in the recently held Goa Assembly elections. states the social media post of Adv. Aires Rodrigues.



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