Women wearing leggings should be humiliated feels the Tamil Magazine

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People from South India are more sensitive towards how today’s women dresses and carries themselves in the society. Wearing short and skimpy dresses have been banned in some parts of India. The recent news published by one of the leading Tamil Magazine has confirmed this fact.

According to the news published in the Kumudam magazine from Kerala in south India, the women wearing the leggings have been posing the threat to the morality of the society. They have claimed that there are dangerous varieties of leggings have hit the marketplace which leading to pose a threat to the decent morality. This news has been brought up by one of the leading international media portal ‘The Huffington Post’.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The fashion is changing at the rapid pace. The working women in Metros prefer to be donned in the most comfortable outfits. But according to some elements in the society our Indian culture does not allow them to dress in exposing manner. Publication of this news in the Huffington Post is not the small issue. According to post, the Kumudam reports that ‘Potentially titillating clothing may turn into a weapon of mass destruction’.

According to the sources, the Tamil pulp magazine, Kumudam Reporters thought that, it worth a while to secretly follow women who wore leggings, take pictures of their posteriors especially when their clothes bunched up around their waist and exposed their leggings and splash them on their latest cover with a yellow font bold-sized header, ‘Leggings Vulgarity’. This is the limit of crossing the line of freedom of the women.

The Magazine supposedly asked the stirring question “Are youngsters crossing the line?” Who knows, maybe possessing buttocks itself is a line woman are better off not crossing? The Kumudam according to the sources, is the culmination of public outrage in Kerala and Tamilnadu that considers that wearing the leggings lead to sexual instigation. The Madurai Medical College dean had issued a circular instructing the female students to not to wear the Jeans, Tees and Leggings.


According to the news published in Huff post, it has been claimed that a Malayalam writer and secretary of the Kerala Book Marketing Society, Babu Kuzhimattom pointed out that the ‘Skin Coloured’ leggings could lead to exciting the Indian men. Kuzhimattom expressed his grave concern is that youth is not listening to elders who expect women to be ‘Submissive’. To explain his point on this issue, Kuzhimattom narrated his personal experience in which he got aroused looking at the female considering that she was necked which later he realized that she was wearing the skin colored leggings  The titillation over leggings isn’t confined to Kumudam’s sanctimonious readership and, like Justin Bieber, provokes global outrage.

We may consider that this happens only in India but that is not the truth. According to the sources, last year a school in Illinois, US  put the circular on the board forbidding the girls to wear the leggings which according to them amounts to create the distraction to male classmates. The school apparently put the poster asking “Are my pants lowering your test scores?” There are records claiming that Newspapers in US and Canada  that “One Winnipeg school is joining a growing number of educational institutions across Canada and the United States that won’t let their students wear leggings to class”

The Kumudam, however, faced the rage of the people with protests launched asking the apology from Kumudam by filing the petition through  with 4000 signature. Kumudam’s vigilantism also raises ethical questions on the paparazzi-like intrusion into privacy with no apparent motive other than self-righteous moral grandstanding.

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