Woman tourist stabbed at Colva beach in Goa

Woman tourist stabbed Colva beach Goa

The safety of the tourist is the major concern of the state machinery in Goa since Goa is one of the major tourism destinations in the world. But despite this fact, there are hundreds of cases where tourists have lost their lives in this state due to various reasons. In some cases if government machinery had been in the place the disaster could have been avoided. Here is one case stabbing that took place in one of the most famous beaches in Goa. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the information available from reliable sources, a woman tourist was stabbed at the Colva beach by another lady for no visible reason. The sources have revealed that the tourist lady was on her morning stroll on the Colva beach and suddenly out of the blue this accused lady appeared and attacked the tourist with a knife.

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The lifeguard who was present at the lifeguard tower on a beach saw the incident and rescued the victim from the accused. According to him, “The victim lady was staying at the Residency in Colva and she was strolling on the beach in the morning while another lady came out from somewhere and stabbed the guest. I immediately went to the rescue of the guest and called the police who later arrested the accused.”

The lifeguard does not know the reason behind stabbing as he was on the duty and since it was raining outside he was sitting inside the ‘tower’ (shelter provided to them by department). According to the lifeguard when he tried to inquire with the accused lady about the reason behind her carrying the knife she narrated saying that the same is kept for her own safety but when the police asked her the same question she changed her version and said that the knife is for cutting the fruits.


The case seemed very confusing and police took her into custody meanwhile, the victim had been given the first aid by a lifeguard and she is supposed to be out of danger. “The lady had one deep stab wound on the right-hand side of her abdomen said the lifeguard.

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While in conversation with media the lifeguard stated that the accused lady saw the victim lady roaming on the beach alone and she went towards her with the knife in her hand. The victim lady got panicked looking at the knife and told the accused that she does not have any valuables with her and that not to hurt her.

Name of the accused lady is revealed as Nina Yadav Akadi and the victim’s name is Sanju according to the sources. When the incident took place the victim lady was on her morning walk on the beach said the sources. The accused had stabbed Sanju on her abdomen that was quite deep said the lifeguard.

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The victim lady Sanju was soon shifted to the hospital after her first aid by a lifeguard. Since the wound was deep doctors had to put 5 to 6 stitches on it said the sources. The sources in the police have informed that the accused lady Nina is said to be mentally unstable and further investigations are in progress.

For the tourist who had come to spend their vacation in this tranquil place, this incident was a real nightmare. This incident raises the concern over the safety and security of the tourists in the state. The crazy people like Nina needs to be dealt with the iron hands to make sure that such incidents are never repeated. It is not the safety concern for the tourist alone but of locals as well. The Colva beach is also frequented by many locals including the women and kids. Kindly leave your comments and viewpoint this issue.

Source: Prudent


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