With 52 Covid Deaths Reported, Goa Records Its Highest Single Day Toll

Coronavirus Death in Goa

On Sunday Goa recorded its highest single-day death toll of Covid infection taking Goa into the complete grip of infection with every town in the state having on average 500 cases reported there are some villages like Aldona where every house has recorded at least one positive case and this remains all-time highest. 

Earlier the people used to believe that villages are immune to the Covid infection and the infections happen only in the cities but this time the theory has been proved otherwise. The most serious aspect of the virus this time is infecting the younger section of society. 

According to the latest records released by the health department, Margao has recorded the highest cases of 2150 followed by the Candolim 1611 and Panaji 1561 positive cases. right from the Pernem to Canacona every village and town is having an average of 500 positive cases recorded since the second wave started in Goa. 

The death toll on Sunday reached the highest with 52 people succumbed to the covid infection with the highest number of deaths recorded in GMC 30 Nos while south Goa district hospital recording 17 deaths, 5 in North Goa district hospital while 1 in ESI hospital Margao. 

The seriousness of the infection can be judged by its death rate wherein nearly 25% of infected persons either died on the way to the hospital or within 24 hours of admission. According to the reports, 3 patients have declared brought dead at North Goa district hospital, while 10 died within 24 hours of admission, at GMC.

According to the doctors at GMC, the death rate has gone up due to the prevalence of Covid, late presentation, existence of a lot of comorbidities and the healthcare system stretched to its capacity. “In a pandemic when the healthcare is stretched, the mortality is known to increase,” the Goa Association of Resident Doctors (GARD) president said. 

Meanwhile, the lockdown and restriction may decrease the number of cases but it will be clear only when the testing resumes on Monday said the doctor of GMC. Now that the lockdown had been transformed into the so-called restrictions it will be the responsibility of each of us to follow the Covid norms, like earring mask, staying away from crowded places, not attending the parties and wedding ceremonies. 

“Don’t step out of your home unless urgent. Don’t attend parties or gather in one place. Please don’t have functions. You can postpone these for a month or two. It’s not going to make much of a difference, but if someone tests positive at the function what we have seen is all who attended can eventually turn out to be positive. Some may be old and have comorbidities and may eventually end up with a severe form of the disease in hospital and some can also die which is why we need to take proper precautions,” he said.

According to the reports, the positivity rate in Goa has gone up to 41% taking the active cases into the room of 24,000 with 236 new hospitalizations over the past 24 hours and more than 2,000 isolating at home. 

Although the lockdown is over, a GMC doctor said that each one imposes a lockdown on themselves to protect themselves. 

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