Will it be ‘SUMUL’ instead of ‘AMUL’ in Goa? The Report

Goa government is in the process of setting up of the parallel unit of milk and milk production in Goa having its existing Goa Dairy operations in the place. SUMUL is the one such unit who already got the clearance from Goa Government to start the operations in the state.

According to the PTI sources, after the years of successful operations of state-owned Goa Dairy, the Goa government is now in the process of setting up of the Gujarat-based SUMUL (Surat District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited) to implement its schemes in the dairy sector of Goa.

The sources have also revealed that the SUMUL will carry out its operations parallel to Goa Dairy which is existing in the state since its inception. The BJP-led government issued the notification in this regards saying that SUMUL will establish the large-scale dairy farms in Goa on the line with AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited).

The sources have confirmed that the SUMUL will help in enhancing the productivity, profitability, stability and sustainability of animals and will also help in generating the employment for the educated and unemployed youth in the state.

The government has already made an opinion that the entry of SUMUL in the state of Goa will help Goa state in achieving the self-sufficiency in milk production and will also help in developing more dairy farmers in the state. “They (SUMUL) will work in promoting the dairy business alongside the existing government-approved agencies in the state,” said the government official.


The SUMUL will directly procure the milk from the milk producers in the state helping them to take advantage of existing government incentive schemes. The SUMUL will have the freedom the charge the rate to the consumers with prior intimation to state government. They will also be authorized to set up the self-help groups in the state with the help of NGOs. They will also provide the veterinary services into places like Sanguem, Quepem, Canacona and Sattari talukas.

The SUMUL will also make the provision of providing the cattle feeds to the farmers at reasonable rates and the cost of the same will be deducted from the milk proceeds payable to the farmers. According to the sources, the SUMUL have been asked to provide the mobile veterinary services to the above four Taluka in Goa which will have an emergency and round the clock service at reasonable rates.

The new development may affect the sales of AMUL in the state but it will be possible only if the cost is reasonable and the product is of a similar standard. Nevertheless, with the new development, Goa seems to have better future in the dairy production in the line with AMUL in Gujarat. What do you think about this new development? Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

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