Why The Crime Rate Is Lowest in The State of Goa?

Crime Rate Is Low in Goa
Goa Police on Duty

Goa Police works in a very efficient manner as far as showing the crime rate low in Goa. If you go to any police station with a complaint, the first reaction you get from the cops is to register an NC (Non-Cognisable Offence) regardless of how serious the prima facie matter is, and the story ends there unless you have a godfather or capacity to go to high court and get the order to file FIR. But why police do such a thing in the first place? Let us take a look at the reason behind this…

Under the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in Section-154, the police must write down the information on the commission of a known crime told orally by the complainant. In a rather turn of events, police officers in the state are hesitant to register FIRs in theft cases as ‘it would increase the crime rates’, and that is one of the major reasons the criminal record in the state comes down.  

The Director-General of Police (DGP) Mukesh Kumar Meena took cognizance of this serious issue and instructed all the police stations to register the FIRs in all the cases. Meena was talking on the subject of Drug-Free Goa as the number of drug cases is rising in the state.    

Meena told reporters, “We have told the officers that if any person comes to a police station to register a theft case, a house robbery or dacoity, then it has to be registered”. 

When asked if there are any gangs operating in the state, the DGP replied that there is no particular gang as such which is operating across the state, but there are some gangs in North and South Goa. 

“When I joined the force and went through the police diary, I found that though cases of house theft, vehicle theft, simple theft and mobile theft were happening, the personnel and the public were hesitant to register them,” he said.

Meena said it is a good thing to register theft cases as a record will be maintained and most importantly crimes will be reduced in the long run. 

He also added that Goa police will deploy sufficient personnel to avoid any problem for hosting ISL in the state and that around 900 police personnel tested positive for Covid-19, but fortunately there was no casualty.

Meena added that parents should be more vigilant of their children and they should guide them so that they are not attracted to drugs.

Goa police is working to bring down drug cases in the state, he said. “We are alert and all agencies are taking action,” Meena said. He added that those coming to Goa for partying or touring are welcome, but the action would be taken against those coming to sell or consume drugs.

Speaking about the threat on CM Pramod Sawant, the DGP said that the CM’s security has been strengthened and it is reviewed from time to time. He added by saying that Goa is a peaceful state, where people of the state do not indulge much in organized crime and they don’t harass tourists. “Crime rate is less in Goa as compared to other states,” he said

Currently, the Goa police are investigating the case where a one-month-old baby was found dead at Siridao.

He said because of police actions, drug activities have decreased in the state. Asked why the police force does not reach the source of the drugs, Meena said that instructions have been given to reach to the source of the drug trade and in some cases, they have reached the source. “Our emphasis is on tracing sources,” the DGP said. 

Disclaimer: The article does not intend to demoralize or create any bad picture of the Goa Police and it is just an eye-opener and supported with the facts. In case you find any information provide in the article is wrong please do write to us on [email protected]   

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