Where Is The Mastermind Of Porvorim Murder Case? Congress Demands Answer From Police

Porvorim Murder Case
Porvorim Police Station

On 15th October, Vilas Mehtar, a resident of the Torda area in Porvorim was set ablaze by two persons. He later succumbed to his burn injuries at GMC the next day. Fifteen days have passed, and despite arresting several accused, the exact details of the mastermind and more details in the case are still not made known by the police authorities. 

After the incident occurred, the police were prompt to act on the valuable inputs. They managed to arrest multiple persons related to the case. While two builder contractors were arrested first, two other persons who escaped the state were arrested from the Sindhudurg area later. 

Another prominent figure, Shailesh Shetty, was also arrested in the case, however, after investigations and other details, Shetty was sent to judicial custody. The Congress party has claimed, that the fact Shetty was sent into judicial custody implied that the police were done investigating Shetty’s role in the case, and that proved that he wasn’t really the mastermind in the case. 

“You’ll (police) had evidence against Shetty and hence he was arrested. The investigation into Shailesh is completed and he is granted judicial custody. It means that their investigation into his role is known to the police. They aren’t in police custody; this means that Shetty isn’t the mastermind. Then who is the mastermind? Definitely, some person who is bigger than him (Shetty),” the party said in a statement. 

In fact, Shetty reportedly allowed the two accused to escape from the state in his own car. Goa Prism had previously reported that the role of Shailesh Shetty was also critical in the case as his blue color Fortuner was taken into custody by the Sindhudurg police after the accused were caught escaping. 


Claiming that a large deep-rooted nexus exists in the case, the party has stated that the police are under pressure. “Police have to expose this particular nexus since many are involved – panchayats, builders, MLA’s friend,” they said, adding that because of the deep connections, the pressure is being put to close the case. 

“The issue is such that there is an attempt is being made to close the case. Who is the mastermind in this case? Till today, no official policy statement has been made about the case by the police.” The police have not yet disclosed the exact roles of each person, although the reason is clear as Vilas, the deceased, was vocal on certain illegal construction activities of the building contractor. 

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