Vodafone-Idea Network Services Affected; This is Temporary Issue Tweets Customer Care

Vodafone Idea Network Issue

The Vodafone-Idea services have been reported down since early morning today (October 15), with many users taking to social media expressing their discomfort over the network-related issues.

Many users of the company, which is now tied up as one, Vodafone-Idea (VI), have complained that since morning, no network was being available on their mobile numbers. 

The network has been down reportedly along the western country region of Mumbai and Pune, which also includes the Goa region.

While some users have stated that the issue has been going on for the last two days, many users took to social media only today morning. Many users in Goa too have been experiencing this problem. 

Several issues of call drops were also being experienced. 


“I didn’t know it was a whole region issue. Only after checking social media, I’ve realized the problem is being experienced by many,” said one user in South Goa.

Some have even complained of repeated call drops being experienced, while others have stated their recharge services were not being updated after they have done their payments.

“No network services in my area, unable to even call a helpline number,” tweeted one user.

Vodafone-Idea has, however, have not stated the exact cause of the incident, but in an official tweet, stated that this is a temporary issue.

“Hi! This is a temporary issue; our team is working on it to ensure seamless network connectivity. Please allow us some time to get this sorted,” Vi Customer Care tweeted from its official account. 

They also stated that due to heavy rains over the last two days, certain areas have been flooded resulting in partial disruption of their services. 

The issue is expected to be resolved by today afternoon. 

Amid all the complaints, meme creators are have been having the most of this time, with several memes being flooded on social media platforms.

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