Vinayak Karbotkar Custodial Death Case – Autopsy Reports Reveals the Reason of Death as Haemorrhage and Shock

Finally, the autopsy report of the notorious gangster Vinayak Karbokar, who was killed in the Sada jailbreak attempt has come and according to the reports, the cause of the death is said to be the hemorrhage and shock. Since Vinayak died while he was in the police custody, his death has been termed as custodial death and as per the rules laid down by the supreme court, the autopsy has been conducted before the camera. The deceased Karbotkar was brought to Goa on the transfer warrant and later he was involved in the murder of Ashfaq Bengre, another history-sheeter, who breathed his last in the Colvale central jail a few months ago.   

According to the sources, the autopsy of Karbotkar was done by the team of doctors in the camera following the guidelines of the supreme court orders as the accused had died while he was in the police custody. According to the autopsy examination reports, the accused Vinayak Karbotkar had succumbed to the severe hemorrhage and shock caused by the combined multiple body injuries which according to them was caused by the strike of blunt object something like a stick.

The earlier media reports claimed that the accused Vinayak Karbotkar died in the jailbreak attempt but later on the issue became complicated. According to the sources, there was a clash between two groups in the Sada Sub-jail premises that broke the security ring and damaged the jail property in which the jailer and some police personnel also got injured seriously. The scene at Sada Jail remained tensed after the jail inmates went berserk damaging the jail property and assaulting the jailor, said the sources. The sources have revealed that all the 49 inmates were supposed to get shifted to the Colvale Central Jail on 27th January but just two days before the attempt of escape took place.                     

According to the media reports,  the trouble broke out in Sada Sub Jail on the night of 24th January at about 11 pm. The notorious gangster, Vinayak Korbatkar, an accused of murdering fellow inmate Ashpak Bengre, who was lodged at Sada Sub Jail, had an issue with other jail inmates. The argument turned violent and Korbatkar and a rival group had a clash. Later about 49 inmates broke the internal security gate and reached near the main gate, however, they could not manage to escape as the main entrance gate of the jail was locked.

The jail inmates had plunged the entire jail premises into darkness for more than 2 hours by snapping the power supply and breaking all the tube lights in the premises. Several teams of police personnel, as well as various teams of police from neighboring police stations, were rushed to the jail and the entire area was cordoned off. Senior jail officials rushed to Sada Sub Jail late night. Later the situation was brought under the control by security agencies.  


According to the reports, The accused Vinayak Karbotkar was supposed to be shifted back to Maharashtra soon but before that only he was found dead in the jail premises. “As per information received, inmate Korbatkar was supposed to be shifted to another jail in Maharashtra, however, due to some reasons he was taken and brought back to jail in the evening. Later over some verbal argument the Korbatkar group and other rival group clashed and came out of the security gate and started creating a ruckus. The situation, however, is under control,” South Goa Collector Swapnil Naik, who was personally monitoring the situation till late night, said.

In the jailbreak case, there were other prisoners who got injured and later admitted to the district hospital. However, the autopsy has disclosed that the accused Karbotkar’s stomach was full and his death occurred within the six hours of consumption of the food. The viscera of the deceased Karbotkar has been preserved for the further forensic examinations. “His viscera has been preserved to be sent for forensic examination to find out if the deceased had taken any narcotics in jail,” an official said.


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