Vijai, Babush Political rendezvous in London?

Photos of Dy CM Vijai Sardesai and Panjim Congress MLA Babush Monserrate exiting London’s Heathrow airport went viral on social media with many speculating some political developments. But Soon Mr. Sardesai on his twitter handle clarified that were there to cheer Indian cricket team against Pakistan in World Cup match.

According to a report in the Herald Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai and Panjim Congress MLA Babush Monserrate were spotted in London, with a photo showing them both exiting Heathrow airport. This fuelled speculations of some political developments. 

According to this source, Vijay however, clarified that they are in London only to cheer the Indian cricket team against Pakistan at the World Cup match and not for any political discussions as speculated.


Sardesai took to Twitter to clarify the same. “In Goa, you might find us on opposing sides, trying our best to bowl each other out politically but when #India takes on #Pakistan in Manchester on the 16th, we’ll both be together on the side of our great nation, rooting for our boys from the stands! #WorldCup2019.”

What made the speculations even more significant was Babush’s claim ‘to form Congress government on May 24, 2019, if he won but soon after his victory he said his “friends” were abroad.’

It may be recalled that Monseratte was also part of Goa Forward as their vice president before he resigned to contest Panjim by-polls on Congress ticket.

Vijai then clarified that he had nothing to do with the move as it was Babush’s personal decision to contest the Panjim by-poll.

Source: Heraldo

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