Vaiga Murder Case – Father Kills 11 Year Old Daughter, Dumps Body in River, Visits Casino In Goa

Vaiga Murder Case

Body of an 11 year old girl was found in Muttar river in Kochi on March 22. Following this the Kochi police launched an investigation to find the killer and the motive behind the killing. In turn of events it was finally revealed that the killer was none other than the father of the girl. 

Sanu Mohan, father of 11-year-old Vaiga, has confessed that he killed her in the flat and later dumped the body in the Muttar river, the police said on Monday. Talking to reporters here, City Police Commissioner C Nagaraju said Sanu killed his daughter after strangling her. He also ruled out the involvement of another person or persons in the crime. “The prima facie investigation suggested that it is a clear case of murder.

“He has a lot of financial liabilities and he owes a large amount to several people. He thought he could not take this forward. He said he doesn’t want to leave his daughter behind after he goes away. That is the motive behind the murder” said Nagaraju. 

The commissioner said Sanu also confessed that he wanted to die by suicide after killing his “beloved” daughter. “But he lost courage after dumping her body into the river. After that he fled the scene and escaped to Coimbatore and finally to Karnataka,” said Nagaraju. The commissioner reiterated that it was a planned attempt.

“He didn’t do it spontaneously. There is evidence that he was planning this plot for several months. He tried to erase all digital evidence to hide the crime from the police. Even the movement of police was monitored through the newspapers. He travelled in public transport to avoid digital evidence,” said Nagaraju. 

The officer also said the car in which Sanu crossed the border was recovered from Coimbatore. “He sold the car for Rs 3 lakh and received Rs 50,000 as advance. We have already traced the car in Coimbatore,” the commissioner said. 

It is learnt that he and his wife Remya will be interrogated together to find out the details of the murder. Remya and her relatives have been asked to appear before the Kochi commissioner’s office on Tuesday.

Meanwhile Sanu Mohan was taken into Goa by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Police, as part of evidence collection. There it was found that the accused has given several contradictory statements. Sanu had told the police that he tried to kill himself by consuming rat poison and paracetamol tablets. But the investigation team found no truth in his claim. 

As per his statement, Sanu tried to commit suicide. But as per the evidence we gathered, he did not purchase neither rat poison nor paracetamol tablets from shops. People in the shops could not even identify Sanu. The suicide story is a fake one,” said a police officer. 

Also the police also found that Sanu spent Rs 45,000 at a casino in Goa. “We have collected all evidence and the amount he spent at the casino. He visited there twice,” the officer said. He has also spent nearly 4 days at Rego Hotel after the murder. 

Since the police have to finish the evidence collection before April 29, they will take Sanu to Muradeswar, Kollur and Karwar in the coming days.

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