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Website publicity is considered to be the most cost effective way  of promotion of any product and services and this becomes possible due to two reason. 1. Website Building cost which is just one time & 2. Its geographical reach.

But the above two facts are just myth.

The reality is totally different. There are more than 50 millions of websites floating on world wide web. every second business have website today and every second day new website is being launched, do you really get the dream about every new website launched on the web ? the answer is No.

Cutting the long story to short, Goa Prism is having its operation in Goa for last 7 years and we have already created the niche in travel magazine segment, with our wide circulation and subscriber base toady we reach almost every corner of world from where tourist travels to Goa, so do our website. Goa Prism magazine is out media vehicle, and if you wish to take a free ride in this then kindly join hands with us and reach to your potential clients with no extra cost.

Here you can upload you daily, weekly or monthly events on regular basis and our back-end team will handle the rest. Your events and happenings will be displayed on our website within 48 hours (subject to verification process) so why stop please go ahead and upload your events here…


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