“United Kingdom’s Daughters” Another documentary on rape


This is the age of information highway and spreading of message across is getting easier through this. One just has to upload the content on the web either in text or audio visual format and it gets viral in no time. The specialty of this platform is that negative content gets more viral then that of positive one. To prove my point here let me give you an express example of this….

After the much-talked about BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ by Leslee Udwin which highlighted the brutal gangrape and murder of a 23-year-old paramedic student in December 2012 in Delhi, another documentary titled ‘United Kingdom’s Daughters’, made by an Indian, Harvinder Singh, reveals the situation is ‘much worse in western nations’. In the documentary, posted on Youtube, 250 women in the UK are raped daily. According to the extensive facts and figures shown, one-third of Britons believe that the woman is responsible for rape. Harvinder goes on to show that only a meagre 10% of rapists are convicted in the UK. In Harvinder’s documentary, the facts and figures show a similar finding. The short film states that killing figures have remained fewer, as most women do not resist in the UK.

Harvinder claims in ‘United Kingdom’s Daughters’, rape is a global phenomena and the mentality of those committing the heinous crime is the same all over the world.  Harvinder’s documentary minutely examines the causes and statistics of rape in the UK. A young mother and rape survivor, Sarah Scott, openly speaks about the time when she was raped by an acquaintance. Scott gives an unadulterated account of the horrors of being raped and the complex emotions and feelings that follow. “The sinking feeling of being the prime witness for the prosecution, with the defense lawyers treating you like a criminal, is one of the worst feelings,” said Scott.


In Udwin’s documentary, the Delhi gangrape convict Mukesh Singh admitted that had the girl not fought back or resisted, they would have not killed her. He also added that a girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. “You can’t clap with one hand. It takes two hands to clap. A decent girl won’t roam at around 9’o clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy,” he said in the documentary.

However, the sole witness to the brutal Delhi gangrape and Nirbhaya’s friend, Avanindra Pandey, slammed the documentary saying, “The facts are hidden and the content is fake. Only Jyoti and I know what happened on that night and the documentary is far from truth. The filmmaker has not done her research properly.”Pandey added, “A controversy was created unnecessarily and was sensationalized. The documentary made fun of emotions and questioned the law and order situation in our country.”

The above uploaded both the videos have been viewed by the hundreds of thousands people across the world. Sharing of these contents has touched the pinnacles of the media sharing on these platforms.

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