Unemployment, a rising concern for Goan youth’s

Goa is a tiny state but its problems are neither less nor simple. In the good, old, golden days when the population of Goa was smaller, there was hardly a person who was not employed in some or the other way to earn a living. Most people lived in rural areas and depended on fishing and agriculture to run their homes. But now this situation no longer exists as the current generation prefers not to carry on the same family business which includes fishing and agriculture. They would rather prefer to move Abroad and work as waiters or cleaners in hotels. This is the current scenario of most of the current generation in Goa. Looking at this, in the next 10 years will it be obvious to imagine the state of Goa without Goans?

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Sheras Fernandes from Margao-Goa, sharing his view on the same, said, “Youth’s prefer moving out of Goa to seek better opportunities. Actually, it’s more because Goan youth want to earn fast money. They don’t want to work hard and earn slowly. That’s the reason they go abroad and work as cooks and waiters even though they get much-respected posts in Goa.”

After speaking to people on, why the youth today wants to move out for employment, the main reason that were highlighted is because of the Problem of employment among educated youth which is a very serious one. For every vacancy, there are dozens of applicants. Out of many candidates who are interviewed, only few get the job. A student dedicates several years of his life in studies. It is a worry-some condition that even after getting Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, these youth population of Goa are facing unemployment problem.

Stanford Fernandes, a local from Anjuna-Goa says, “There are wider opportunities and choices outside Goa. Growth is very slow in Goa. The saddest part is, if you notice in most companies in Goa, the heads of organisations are mostly outsiders. These organisations are promoted faster and there are hardly any Goans in top management. The same applies to individuals having own business as well. Outsiders are given more preferences because they can bribe with a lot of money. Hence the municipalities, panchayats, ministers etc give them first preference and make it easy for them to start, run and expand their business.”

Goa produces a lot of professionals as well as graduates and postgraduates. Unfortunately very few are accommodated in the state of Goa. Most prefer to go out of Goa due to various reasons. A few could be, less salary, fewer promotional avenues and no scope for professional growth. It is sad to note that graduates and postgraduates attend interviews for the posts meant for undergraduates and this happens only because they don’t get a job of their choice.


In Goa, the education fees are not too expensive as there are fewer courses. Therefore parents spend in lakhs and send their children to places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune for their higher education. Lucky are those who get a job over there and are willing to stay there far away from their parents and family. But not all may prefer to stay outside Goa. Some of them come back to the state with high expectations of getting a good job with a good pay but getting a good job with a good salary in Goa is next to impossible unless, you start your own business which does well in the market.

After speaking to a media person, Joseph Fernandes from Aldona, all he had to say is, “Goans are moving abroad and in fact they also want to settle abroad as there are better jobs and a good income. The youth’s in Goa has no proper jobs neither opportunities. Jobs have been captured by politicians who want to make vote banks. The only option left for the youth’s is to migrate abroad for better income. There are no industries or factories to generate job opportunities even if there are any; they are being sold to migrants. It’s sad to say that every government which comes to power, is to only destroy Goa every tenure, by bringing projects which will benefit its workers.”

If youngsters are forced to stay in Goa due to personal reasons, they are ready to opt for a low salary job. This clearly portrays that education does not seem to be an issue for the people in Goa, but employment is. As a Matter of fact, the government is not generating enough jobs. Where does all this lead to? Directly or indirectly this does affect the economic growth of India. It is the government who should generate more government jobs and give first opportunities to the Goans so that a larger number of the youth can stay back in Goa and earn here. Getting good jobs in Goa itself, will reduce the fact of Goans disappearing from Goa.

There is no doubt that during the last 50 years Goa has progressed tremendously in all fields. But at the same time, development will have no meaning if the youth of Goa are left unemployed. Therefore it is the duty of the Government to come up with job plans to initiate more employment so that Goa’s today’s generation stays here and make a good future for them.

The article is written by Rebecca Pinto, a content writer at Incredible Goa.


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