Two more Sex racket busted in Goa one in Calangute and another in Colva

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The crime branch cracking down yet another prostitution racket rescued a woman from Calangute. The crime branch conducted a raid on Wednesday late night. In the same way, the Margao Women’s Police Wing too rescued two women from Colva on Thursday. Here is the report.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Agra native 28-year-old saved when she was waiting for her prospective customer that is a police decoy near the beachside.

With regard to this case, PI Dattaguru Sawant informed that the girl is a regular traveler to Goa for the past three years. He also said that she has now been lodged in a protective home.

The sleuths have found out from the continuous raids on this illegal trade that   the main dealers or the main person who handles this deal have stopped accompanying victims to the venue where the customers are called.

These dealers restrict their involvement only till the dealings are carried out on the phone, whereas the money transactions go through another route. Now almost more than half a dozen raids have been carried out by the CB and respective police station in less than a month time.


In the meantime, on Thursday Margao Women’s Police Wing raided the flat in Colva and rescued two women who have been allegedly been pushed into the sex trade. The saved women are from Bengal aged 28 and 26. The entire operation was carried out under the execution of Women’s Police Wing Head PI Lavina Dias.

The police had first received information that flesh trade was taking place in the flat. Acting on the information, the police laid a trap by sending a decoy customer and women were rescued. The saved women were sent for a medical checkup.

After an investigation, it was learned that the women were cheated into the sex trade. The police have arrested Darshana Ramdev Nemadi from Thane-Mumbai.

Source: Heraldo


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