Two People Attacked by Group of Persons in Cortwada Ponda

Attack in Ponda
The Group of persons attack two in Ponda

In an incident that occurred today morning, two people were attacked by a group of persons in the Cortwada area of Ponda. 

The attack, according to police sources, occurred after a scuffle broke out over certain issues involving property matters. 

According to reports, the two who were attacked – Altaf Indupur and Badruddin Aga – have lodged a formal police complaint at the Ponda police station. 

The complaint was registered against the accused, reportedly a local gang. Persons who are accused to be involved are Tayeb Sayyed, Amruddin Mujawar, Rehan Mujawar, Kamran Mujawar, Adnan Mujawar, and a few others. 


The scuffle that unfolded between the persons resulted in an Omni car, bearing registration GA-06-F-1743 behind damaged, with its windshields completely shattered. 

Further investigations into the matter are currently underway by the Ponda police. 

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