Two New Positive Cases surface in Sanguem, one of them is a Health Worker at Vasco

More Positive cases in Goa
More Positive cases in Goa (Image for representational purpose)

Finally, the COVID-19 cases have started spreading across the state with more cases surfacing from the various parts of Goa. Sanguem town had no single case till date due to the vigilant watch of the local MLA who did not allow the outsiders to enter into town and made strict entry and exit rules, but in this case, the infected person is a resident of Sanguem and he was working at heath centre in Vasco da Gama. 

According to the sources, the infected person works at the Health Centre is situated in Vasco and he had visited the Mongor Hill area in connection with the department work. The sources at Sanguem have verified that the infected person used to travel every day from Vasco to his residence in Sanguem. 

There is a shocking revelation from one the residents of Sanguem which states that the concerned person was moving around freely despite he was supposed to remain inside the house quarantined after the samples of his throat swabs were sent to the lab for testing. 

According to the sources, he even went around to do the shopping at the Sanguem Bagayatdar store and moved around freely carrying the infection unknowingly, it was only the next day when his reports came out positive he was sent into the hospital in Margao. 

The above case sets an example that there is no serious quarantine measures have been taken by the government nor the local authorities and his free movement around the town increases the risk of more positive cases surfacing in the Sanguem area.  

There is another case that came positive and second person is also connected with the heath department but working in Sanguem. Meanwhile, the possibility of the said person coming in contact with the previous infected person cannot be ruled out. 


The Sanguem MLA Mr Prasad Gaonkar has confirmed the case saying that he came to know about the matter today morning and that infected person is connected with the Vasco Health department. 

“I fear that there might be more cases of COVID-19 that are connected with the health department in Vasco that might have also entered into Sanguem,” he said adding that he had informed the health minister about the same. 

“I have instructed the people of Sanguem to not come out of the house without the proper sanitisation and masks. The family member of the infected person are safe at the moment and we have sent their swabs also for the checking for the virus.” 

Mr Gaonkar also said that he had taken maximum precautions in his constituency by making the entry very strict into the town. “We never allowed even the people who came down to see the Dam and asked them to go back but this is unfortunate case and since he is the resident of Sanguem we could not restrict him enter into the city.”

There is no doubt that the containment zone has now become the hub of the transmission of the infection and community transmission have already begun in the state. The people travelling from Vasco to the other cities have become the live carriers of COVID-19 infection.  

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