Two Giants, Facebook and Google team up to bring an open source computing reports WIRED


There are four internet giants who presently rule the global online industry, mainly Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Facebook is the biggest player in the industry next to Google. The story reported by the WIRED claims how the internet industry is changing with the due course of time and how the big players are playing the secret games with each other. Here the role of Facebook comes to the rescue of the virtual world. Recently Mark Zuckerberg posted a feed on his wall which gives the insight into the developments taking place in the computing industry that is growing bigger by the day and role of Facebook in it.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the post of Mark, five years ago, Facebook started leading an effort called as ‘Open Compute Project’ to change the way data centers are designed and operated. Data centers power the internet. They are the nervous system that allows all kinds of services to run, including Facebook. But until five years ago, all the largest technology companies designed their data centers and computing infrastructure in secret. They viewed this technology as a competitive advantage to beat others in the industry.

We realized that if we opened up our designs and shared our progress with the industry, we’d all make faster progress together. By working together, we’d produce more efficient designs that would save energy protect the environment and build better infrastructure for our community. It has worked. So far, we’ve saved billions of dollars in energy and efficiency improvements. Open Compute now brings together hundreds of companies and thousands of engineers to make progress together even faster.

Today, Google joined the Open Compute Project. Google has always built some of the best infrastructures in the industry, so this is a strong symbolic move that our open model of development is the best way forward for everyone. Over the next decade, we’re going to build experiences that rely more on technology like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. These will require a lot more computing power, and through efforts like OCP, we’re developing a global infrastructure to enable everyone to enjoy them.

Mark pointed out at the article published in the WIRED which explains the detailed insight into this growing need of computing and what the big players are doing about it. The data center hardware used by internet giants used to be a big secret. Today, Google is joining Facebook’s Open Compute Project to lift the veil.

According to WIRED, Jonathan Heiliger compared the world of internet data centers to Fight Club. Based on that story, in 2011 three major giants of the internet industry, Google, Microsoft and Amazon started erecting new data centers to meet the growing needs of the day, since with the time their online empire started growing so large that they could no longer manage to handle the cost of typical hardware manufactured by people like Dell, HP and IBM. They started looking for the hardware that was cheaper, sleek and capable of handling the complex data.

The report further claims that they started designing the hardware setup secretly and got it manufactured from the less known companies in Asia (mainly from China). These new projects were kept secret and rarely discussed in public. Google reportedly kept their latest data centers secret from its rivals. Here the role of Facebook came into play. They decided to tear off the veil and it open sourced its latest server and data center designs freely sharing them with the world under the aegis of a new organization called the Open Compute Project. “It’s time to stop treating data center design like Fight Club and demystify the way these things are built,” said Heiliger, then the vice president of technical operations at Facebook.

Two big holdouts remained Google and Amazon. But today, that number dropped to one. At the annual Open Compute Summit in San Jose, California, Google announced that it too has joined the project. And it’s already working with Facebook on a new piece of open source hardware.


Today’s world relies on the bigger players for its need of all data that keeps growing bigger. The virtual reality is also making its way into the computing. The online world would still grow bigger with these new developments taking place. The need of the day is an open source computing and keeping technology development open to the world is the only solution towards the opening of new avenues. The Facebook has realized it first and now with the partnership of another giant like Google will surely bring that change in this virtual world.



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